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Schools in Bognor Regis

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mum1974tobean Mon 17-Oct-11 10:09:37

I am moving to Bognor next term so my son (year 1) will have to move school to one that currently has spaces.

Nyewood CE Infants, Barton or South Bersted.... does anyone have local knowledge of these schools? I have visited Nyewood and SB but it is so hard to tell from a short visit.

thanks for any thoughts....

SE13Mummy Mon 17-Oct-11 20:26:05

Have you considered Southway Primary (on South Way no less!) - it appears to have replaced the Glades and Michael Ayres as they were? I know people who live locally who have been impressed by it so far. The same people rate South Bersted highly and have a family member at Bartons. I know they are happy with Bartons but are less convinced by Laburnam Grove. Nyewood was, once upon a time, a great school but I believe it's had its ups and downs recently so its local reputation mightn't be as good as it once was.

Do you know that all the schools you've listed have Y1 vacancies? It is hard to tell anything from a short visit but that's pretty much the case for anyone choosing a school at any time of year! Will you have any opportunity to go along to any local events/groups before having to make a choice? South Bersted church or ones of those that serves Nyewood might be a good idea if you are considering either of those as it may give you a chance to chat to local parents of children already at the school.

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