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Opinions for this project gratefully recieved!

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saxony Fri 14-Oct-11 21:27:17

DS (6) has to create a Superhero costume by next week that emphasises a "sense". Now he doesn't like dress up at the best of times and he really is conscious of sticking out so it has to be low key too.

I was thinking choosing "touch" and decorating a t shirt in all different textures. And I will draw a large S on the front as in Superman.

I usually enjoy his projects but got a little stuck on this one!! I really don't know if I am thinking along the right lines or not. Anyone come across anything similar?

Thanks for reading!

iluvchips Fri 14-Oct-11 21:53:08

I think that sounds like a good idea, although keeping it low-key will be quite tricky! You could cut out foil, sponge, sandpaper, bubblewrap, silky material from a headscarf from a charity shop, etc. It could be squares of material as in a patchwork quilt, or handspan shapes-if you have the time-stuck all over a t-shirt or onto an old sheet to make a cape? You could cut out a card eye mask and paint it with black paint mixed with sand. Am sure there'll be loads of kids with a similar approach- so don't worry about it too much!

saxony Fri 14-Oct-11 22:01:04

Thanks iluvchips, didn't think of an eye mask or cape. I will start on those this weekend. I think I just worry that I am completely off the mark, but feel better now, thanks!

saxony Fri 14-Oct-11 22:01:46

And I like the idea of doing handspan shapes to emphasise the "touch"

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