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Charterhouse Square School

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Malpy Thu 13-Oct-11 20:00:47

In response to a previous request for info on this school I can confirm that our experience of this school was not very positive. School went from private ownership to Cognita three years ago. It is an open secret that they will not prepare your child for 7+ - why cut off another 4 years income! No sport facilities on site. classrooms are tiny and class sizes can go up to 29!! Standard of teaching is variable and random. Most parents had to resort to private tutors after school to secure results at 7+ and 11+. Interestingly and shocking is that some of these tutors were teachers from the school - talk about hitting you twice in the pocket!!

PollyParanoia Thu 13-Oct-11 20:07:45

Sorry you had such a bad experience. Must be v upsetting esp if you're paying for it. Or paying twice.
I must say I went round to look at it for my ds and came out in tears. I thought, gosh if that's a private school what is the state going to be like? Was pleasantly surprised to find the state primary had huge spaces and a sympathetic and astounding well educated head.

PollyParanoia Thu 13-Oct-11 20:08:07

Astoundingly, that should read. Clearly I'm not so well educated...

Malpy Fri 14-Oct-11 00:57:02

If thats the case I'd really go for it. If the state school is not performing then at least you can afford extra tuition if necessary. The current Headmistress at Charterhouse Square had very little experience (had been a part time teacher in the school previously) and it showed! I believe the school has now been extended into the building next door but there are still no outside spaces for the children. When it was owned by the previous headmistress it really was a great little school.

PollyParanoia Fri 14-Oct-11 11:58:37

Oh this was five years ago or something. Looked round Lyceum and St Pauls cath school too, but then went round our local school and it was call off the search. I am so pleased with my decision and see how valuable a little bit of outside space (not v much mind, but one that they can go freely and safely in and out of) is. I would never let my kids go to school with no outdoor space. I seem to remember a headmaster rather than a headmistress but it was a while ago.

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