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Come give me perspective on your DS (or DD) progress

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griprequired Wed 12-Oct-11 12:06:50

I'm getting myself into a right old tizzy over DS1 and his progress in year 1. I realise I need slapping but thought, in the absence of open palms, you could come and tell me about your boys.

DS is bright (I know all parents say this but I think he is) and was above average on his school report at the end of last term, whatever that means.

But he lacks concentration and is struggling to focus in year 1. He says that he hates reading, books are stupid, getting him to do anything outside school is almost impossible as he just wants to go to the park, play outside.

I know all of this is totally normal and I shouldn't pressure him. I just want to be reassured that it might suddenly 'click' with him and he'll enjoy it.

He's been stuck on the same reading level since Easter.

I loved school and really struggle with the idea that he might not - even though he's bright. I think I just took if for granted.

So tell me about your boys ........ did they suddenly flourish at any point grin

griprequired Wed 12-Oct-11 12:09:19

I realise there should be an apostrophe in the title.

blimey, the boy's got no hope had he wink

GooseyLoosey Wed 12-Oct-11 12:10:57

Actually, my dd is more like this and only now in Yr 3 has she decided that there is a point to reading. I think the trick is trying very hard to find something that they want to read. I tried every type of book for dd and none clicked with her. What finally did it was a Christmas book - she is obsessed with Christmas and wanted me to read her this in July - I said if she wanted to read it she would have to read it herself and she did.

I know a teacher who was also desperate to get a bright child to read and eventually realised that cars were his thing so she bought him Top Gear. That was it for him.

I wouldn't worry. Yr 1 is very early. but, maybe you could try and work out what his interests are and build round them. Don't worry about school reading levels.

redskyatnight Wed 12-Oct-11 12:25:26

DS hated Y1 - too much sitting and listening. Every report/parents' evening in Y1 and Y2 we had the comment that he was easily distracted/needed to focus.

He clicked with reading half way through Y1 but will still (now Y3) not voluntarily read a story although he is quite keen on reading non-fiction and books about Star Wars grin.

He hated writing and maths in Y2 but now in Y3 maths is his favourite subject (he still hates writing but hey ho).

With him, it really has been a gradual acclimatisation to school. This year he is interested in "trying hard" for the first time - he wants to be "star of the day" and to get top marks on tests, in Y1 and Y2 he didn't think these were worth worrying about.

whenIgetto3 Wed 12-Oct-11 12:29:53

My DS' (9&7) both really slowed down from yr1 to yr3 then hit yr3 and are flourishing (yr3&4 now). The reading thing will come once they get something they like, we tried Captain Underpants (rude but they read it), comics (it may be pictures but at least they are reading) and now they are into Mr Gum and Beast Quest. I am not totally convinced about Beast Quest very violent but if I give DS2 a Beast Quest book he will read it all night in bed till he finishes it.

Mine also clicked at the point that they had a male teacher (dad is away a lot) think they needed some male influence. They also liked it as once you get into the junior KS2 section you get Romans in history and in Yr 4 DS1 is currently doing WW1 which is his thing grin

I wouldn't pressure him, it will come, boys at this age are a little lazy but they do suddenly start enjoying it.

SeoraeMaeul Wed 12-Oct-11 12:29:53

DS (5) can write his name, Jedi and Clone Trooper. Beyond that he sees no reason to read or write!
I also hope this is normal grin

whenIgetto3 Wed 12-Oct-11 12:32:41

Seorae have you seen these this was a great way with DS2 to get him reading (he is massively into clone troopers)

SeoraeMaeul Wed 12-Oct-11 12:35:22

Whenigetto3 - I just discovered them about a week ago. They are fab aren't they!

threeslices Wed 12-Oct-11 12:38:29

It is too early into the year to worry. Teachers will hopefully be planning an interesting topic for after half term, having spent this half term getting to know everyone. My ds (now year 2) suddenly moved to top maths group and got really into reading about jan/feb of year 1, but previously not interested in books. At first we did get him magazines and books about favourite things (moshi monster, club penguin etc.) which he loved. Then all of a sudden towards end of year 1 started reading 'real' books. Now we have to remove books from his room at lights out time or he would be up all night reading (it has been known)! So my advice is find things he loves and get any reading matter there is and let him read it with no pressure at all.

griprequired Wed 12-Oct-11 12:41:46

thank you all. Funny you should say that threeslices, we created his moshimonster online this morning and I told him he could play it for 15 mins after school but would have to read the intructions himself grin

I think magazines are a great idea, as then it doesn't look like something I want him to do for his own good wink

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