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How do you make sure your DC is given the correct work without sounding like a pushy mum?

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Marne Mon 10-Oct-11 22:10:33

Dd1 started a new school in september, her old school have not sent over any info about what level she was working at (not sure why they havn't). On the first week dd1 came home upset as they had given her a puple level reading book, at the other school she had been a free reader for the past year, i wrote a note in her reading diary explaining that dd1 was upset, 4 weeks later and she's still being sent home with the same level book.

A few weeks ago she started bringing maths homework home, she has to complete 1 page per week (about 10 questions/sums), she completes this in 30 seconds without a thought and moans that its too easy. She keeps telling me she is repeating the work she did last year at the other school and she's bored. She's enjoying History (as its something new) and science but is bored in Maths and English.

Dd1 has Asperers but does not receive any help. Her occupational therapist has advised that the ed phyc goes in to see her to make sure she is getting the correct work but this may take months.

I'm worried about going in to speak to the teacher as i don't want them to think i'm being pushy but i also don't want dd1 to be bored.

What should i do? keep my mouth shut and hope they eventually give her harder work? or go and talk tot he teacher and come across as pushy?

honeylamb Mon 10-Oct-11 22:45:23

If she has just started a new school then I would definitely be asking for a meeting with the teacher just to see how she is settling in. As she has aspergers ask how she is coping and getting on in the class etc. In that conversation ask how she is coping with the work she is being set in class. Say that she is finding homework easy. You can enquire without sounding pushy, my son has SEN and every year a few weeks into a new class I informally ask the teacher how he is coping, they are always happy to chat.

MurderBloodstabsandgore Mon 10-Oct-11 22:47:43

I wouldn't think you are pushy, they don't have the information, so you can help give them an idea smile

Lonnie Mon 10-Oct-11 22:57:12

Its only pushy if you go in hells blazing. If you simply say " she is finding the math and English to easy " then wait and see their replies it likely will result in their offering to up her. I have had to do this a few times with my ds as He was bored with what He was given. Never once have I been made to feel like a pushy parent

AChickenCalledKorma Tue 11-Oct-11 08:21:53

Agree with honeylamb. As it is a new school and she has some special needs, you have the perfect excuse to request a meeting with the teacher "to see how she's getting on". Hear what the teacher is saying about her and then make sure you get the chance to tell her what you've told us here.

And think of ways of phrasing it so that you are seeking the teacher's advice, rather than telling her how to do her job: "How long are you expecting the homework to take, because I'm surprised to find that she's only spending a couple of minutes on it and finding it very easy?"

Marne Tue 11-Oct-11 14:21:00

Thank you, i have spoke to the teacher a couple times as dd1 was stuggling with the social side of things, have also briefly mentioned the work and the reading but didn't get much response from the teacher (who is also the SENCO), dd1 came home last week really upset (again) as she is on the table with the less able children, i think this is because the higher level table is children from the year above who have been kept back a year so are probably doing slightly different work (but dd1 wants to work with the older children and doesn't understand why she can't). I'm hoping their will be a parents evening soon so i can talk to her teacher. Occupational therapist has reccomended that they give her harder work as dd1 was moaning on friday (when she visited) because she had been given the 10 times table to learn and its too easy, she has also reccomended that they do more to help her with her social skills as she's finding making friends very hard.

Might pop in and see her tomorrow and mention the home work (as it is handed in on a wed) and see what she say's.

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