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Teacher getting SENCO to assess DS.

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BOOareHaunting Mon 10-Oct-11 18:58:35

Just had a very positive and lovely parents eve with DS new teacher. (year 3 so new school).

DS is a late August baby which often causes conflict between 'allowing him to catch up' and actually he should be able to do these things now for his age!

She said he has settled really well and is really pleased with him. She did however agree with me about his writing ability not reflecting his thought processes. She said he comes out with some very shrewed answers for a 7yo hmm

He is totally disorganised and following instructions is a real problem with him - not helped by the fact he doesn't ask for help.

I asked her of she felt the literacy side of things was cause for concern. He could read words but doesn't remember them, same with spellings on the look, cover etc. He can tell you an elaborate plot but as soon as he has to write it he hasn't a clue where to start. He still writes p/q and b/d the wrong way round and reads b/d incorrectly too. He still doesn't form lots of letters correctly in writing but is better stand alone and copying. With his reading he can sound out fairly easily by saying letter sounds/ diagraghs etc but will often confuse the sound order when he says the word as a whole. (eg st-ree-t will become steert)

I mentioned his DEST score of 0.6 and asked if she felt there could be a LD as opposed to age/ maturity.

The lovely lovely teacher actually listened to me, agreed it could be an age/maturity thing but is referring DS to the SENCO so he can be assessed and also given support if it just turns out there are gaps in his learning that need to be filled.

She also has said she will no longer make DS miss golden time for forgetting to hand his homework in because she knows he does it, he does it willingly and it's he forgets to hand it in because there is so much to remember. She said that she agrees that because it's something he is, as opposed to being (iyswim?) punishment will make him feel worse, as so far it's not made him remember. grin

Thanks to all the teachers and MNers who have listened to my ramblings/ concerns before but it seems things may get better. smile

BOOareHaunting Mon 10-Oct-11 20:56:14

cheeky bump.


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