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dilemma of a long school commute opinions gratefully received

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chobbler Sun 09-Oct-11 17:29:58

Basically my dilemma is this.

We left school 1- head had no action plan over extensive bullying by 2 SEN kids, nothing against anyones autistic kid out there but we had such an horrific experience with assaults and such like I don't much want to expose DD to it again. to be accused of lying and over exaggerating the problem when there were doctors visits on file was also annoying. At 5 DD was so bruised I was suspected. It ended with DD too scared to go to school. So we got out, and as far away as we could.

School 2- was 7 miles along country roads but it is now 15 miles from home due to relocation. we have a 30 minute motorway and cross country journey to it. DD can't take the commute. It often takes twice as long. TBH I'm not so keen either.

So we come to look for school 3 and find that
1. the school that could possible fit us in when I asked in July (but LEA wouldn't confirm until September) is now full, and has a list.

2.secondary catchment school entry requirements give priority to catchment primary feeder children over children who live in catchment who don't attend a feeder school. regardless of why they don't. last year it didn't even get to that entry criteria it had 2 applications for every space and could only give spaces to catchment children at feeder schools.

3. all feeder schools are oversubscribed in DD's year, except one. which is in special measures. SEN level at failing school high and CVA not great when published, small cohort means no published results for last 3 years. OFSTED concerning, locals have low opinion of it. understandably I'm not allowed to know what type of SEN these kids have but I have huge reservations about putting DD in a class there even if they were a good school. Even after a visit I'm very cagey about the place, as is DD, they didn't fill with confidence IfYSWIM. Their weaknesses are DD's strengths.

4. any other school between home and school 2 would need a cross country drive of about the same time as going to school 2.

DH very helpfully says choice mine as I'm doing the run, (he works overseas)

1. Stay at school2 and plague LEA with calls to go on waiting lists for (secondary) catchment schools?

2. Move to closer but still almost as time consuming cross country school, that isn't in secondary catchment? but doesn't involve motorway driving.

3. Chance the (secondary feeder) school that is in special measures... And tutor DD

and to add DD has SAP for minor vision problem that all the schools can easily provide for as we own the equipment, and is already given extra support at home.

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