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Reading and writing help please

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crazygracieuk Sun 09-Oct-11 11:18:29

Ds2 is just 5 (y1) and started a new school in September.

In Reception he learned all his phonic sounds and was on red/yellow band of decodable books.

At his new school he's been put back on pink as he can't read look/say books very well. He can read most Reception tricky words but pink level look/say books contain lots of words that are beyond that.

How can I help him get better at look/say books? I can't see him moving on from pink any time soon as they will contain random words like sausage or Chinese which he can't guess correctly.

According to his teacher he can write and spell pretty well so despite being in the lowest guided reading group, he gets top group spellings which includes phonics that he hasn't learned like split digraphs so I think it's pretty pointless learning these words (which he often can't read anyway). Or have I got it wrong in that he can learn these new sounds by practicing how to spell them?

MigratingCoconuts Sun 09-Oct-11 11:25:14

personally, I wouldn't try and get any reading scheme books (esp look and say books, which I didn't think were in vogue just now)

I would get him to choose his own reading books from your local library so that he can enjoy the choosing and also come across new words that you can practise with him. This support would help move him quickly enough.

strictlovingmum Sun 09-Oct-11 16:38:02

Peter and Jane books from ladybird are great, we have used them, and they work on the principle of repetition of words, mind you even in the books which are "look and say" based, most of the words are perfectly decodable.
Only really tricky ones "High frequency" ones should be learned by

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