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Teacher still being awful and

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ThePosieParker Sun 09-Oct-11 08:29:03

is still calling children 'boy', keeping the class in and generally being quite awful.

DS2's class was the favourite of his year three teacher, they are a pretty even, well behaved and lovely class.....but not this year. This year so far they have missed about five morning breaks, children get frequently sent out of the classroom, get shouted at and he says 'boy' in that Victorian way.

I made a big fuss last year when DS1 was in his class and nothing was resolved. DS2 keeps asking why his teacher is allowed to call children names....

AIBU to approach the Head AGAIN, or will I look like a trouble maker.

sevenoften Sun 09-Oct-11 08:47:05

What are the other parents finding? I think it's entirely reasonable to approach the Head again, but your position will be strengthened enormously if they get the same message from multiple sources.

DownbytheRiverside Sun 09-Oct-11 08:50:19

Get a copy of the school behaviour policy and make a few notes of where the teacher is not keeping to it; sending children out to another class OK, into a corridor not OK.
Calling children 'boy' and not by their names is not acceptable unless he is joking and the child is amused.
Last year was fine, the teachers liked themand had no problems?
Put on a concerned face, go in and point this out. Tell the HT that you are concerned that the teacher seems to be struggling with effective class management and ask what support the man is getting to help him improve both his strategies for discipline and to enable him to build positive relationships with his class. Say that you are upset that the teacher seems to be having similar issues with certain cohorts as last year, and that you want to break the cycle and create a positive learning environment for all.
If the head does nothing, write to the governors.

DownbytheRiverside Sun 09-Oct-11 08:51:32

Agree with Sevenoften, make it a general concern about teacher/class interactions. Not just your boy.

seeker Sun 09-Oct-11 08:54:11

What did the head say last year? Is it a "naughty" class? What do they get sent out foR?

ThePosieParker Sun 09-Oct-11 09:40:27

No, it's not a naughty class. They get sent out of they talk after he's asked for quiet.

Trouble is noone bothers to raise the issue, by the time they're fed up it's nearly the end of term...then new term and so on and most people don't have children in consecutive years, like me.

Last year he called my son a dipstick, got the whole class to chant the same. When I complained to the HT she didn't apologise, I found out much later (despite the fact he apologised to me and my son) that he denied it to the HT.....

shesparkles Sun 09-Oct-11 09:47:58

I've had similar issues with ds's teacher this year....I had a meeting with her and the deputy head last week (and my list of issues) and raised every single one, repeating as necessary until the deputy accepted and understood my concerns. "Fortunately" there are known issues with this teacher, and I know there's now an action plan in place. I'll be meeting with the deputy again in a fortnight to discuss progress.
If need be, I'll be at the school every single day to ensure my ds gets the education he needs and deserves.
DON'T wait for other parents to raise the issues, raise YOUR concerns sooner rather than later

(and one of the issues was name calling, fortunately not directed at my son but I raised it)

mycatoscar Sun 09-Oct-11 11:41:16

Oh dear this sounds like teacher I used to work with some children from his last school are still having therapy as a result of the way he treated them sad please go and see the head.

spiderpig8 Sun 09-Oct-11 12:16:27

YABU I think.I can't see how keeping a class in if they've been difficult, sending naughty kids is anything other than establishing discipline, so that he can teach. calling a boy 'boy' isn't great but really not worth making a fuss about.
'they are a pretty even, well behaved and lovely class..'
how do you know???

ThePosieParker Sun 09-Oct-11 12:41:40

1. This isn't AIBU
2. This class is well behaved because it's the same children as in the class last year and the year before....teachers all have commented what a lovely class this is.
3. The teacher is the same as before, last year and the year before.
4. 'Boy' is name calling and horrid, quite indicative of what sort of man he is.

seeker Sun 09-Oct-11 12:52:38

Lots of issues here. I wouldn't object to "boy". And I have no objection individual children being sent out the class if they ignore warnings.

But I don't like whole class punishments- so I would object to the everyone kept in thing unless the circumstances were pretty exceptional.

And while I may not object to a teacher calling my child a dipstick, I would be ICANDESCENT if he got the whole class to chant it. Absolutely livid!

mycatoscar Sun 09-Oct-11 17:37:18

Seeker, I agree. One thing to punish children for talking after being asked to be quiet - perfectly okay. Low level things liek this can really caise a lot of disruption and need to be sat on pretty quick and hard.

The rest sounds errily similar to the teacher I used to work with - unacceptable and can have lasting effects on the children. OP please do talk to the teacher and try to rally other parents to do the same. If lots of parents go to the head seperately about the same or similar thing they have to take notice. Don't do what our parents did and start up a petition/lynch mob though LOL, they didnt get taken seriously at all!

spiderpig8 Sun 09-Oct-11 17:41:24

sorry I had just flicked from AIBU !!
But really 'boy' is not name calling!!

spiderpig8 Sun 09-Oct-11 17:42:05

oh and tweachers ALWAYS say to parents what a lovely class yada yada yada

Vicky2011 Mon 10-Oct-11 11:56:30

I have to be honest OP that if the Dipstick thing is verifiably true (the chanting by the class, rather than the name itself) that would be an "alert the governors and local authority" thing for me. I am generally quite authoritarian (have no real problem with "boy" being used) but the bullying is a SERIOUS line crossed.

PosiePetrifyingParker Mon 10-Oct-11 12:46:03

Completely true, verified by other children.

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