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sunnyday123 Sat 08-Oct-11 08:51:34

Long story but basically DD1 is in Y1 and i am currently applying for DD2 school place (she is currently in attached preschool). We are out of catchment and the school prioritises parish -not out of catchment siblings.

If DD2 doesnt get in we expect to keep DD1 there in the hope of getting DD2 in later, either when someone leaves or on appeal in Y3. My question is does anyone have experience of this and how it effects kids relationships given they are sisters with 20 months between?

They are both catholic and if i remove DD1 i would have to put her in a non catholic school which would make no sense because i'd have to move them again at age 11 as i want them to go to the catholic high school.

What would you do in my situation? Does it effect the family badly if DDs go to 2 schools - should i be looking at schools with Y2 place too? (infant class sizes apply so could be a problem to find a good school?).

Also, how do you manage practically? Socially do you feel excluded on the playground?!

Many thanks!

sunnyday123 Sat 08-Oct-11 09:04:48

just to add i dont want either to go to my local parish catholic school!

CustardCake Sat 08-Oct-11 09:29:35

sunnyday123 - hopefully DD2 will get a place and you won’t have to worry about it but just in case she doesn't I don't think it will have a terrible impact on the girls to be at different schools. DD1 is already settled and DD2 will never know any different. The main impact is on you with 2 lots of drop-offs, different parent's evenings and possibly different Inset Days etc but if that’s manageable I don’t think it will a huge problem.

You would stand a good chance hopefully of getting DD2 in at a later date if all the catchment people get their place in the first round of allocations. You'd presumably be at the top of the list of non-catchment parents having a child there already and being Catholic too. Is it a big school? A city school? Is there more than one class per year group? All of these things effect the likelihood of somebody leaving in the first year or so and a place becoming free.

sunnyday123 Sat 08-Oct-11 18:25:26

big school - 60 intake (2 classes) - but the only catholic school in the town. This year all catchment got in but no out of catchment siblings so my situation is very real! However even if i get top of the list - i'm not likely to stay there as people move into town and go ahead and non catholic siblings in the area will get their kids baptised and go ahead so for someone to leave it'd have to be pretty early on!

Tbh in terms of parents evenings, sports days etc the school is so big that the different years have them on different days anyway but hadnt thought about inset days! There's a few of them! I could manage the drop offs etc but only by using breakfast and after school clubs at £250 per month! This 6 months of waiting is hell!

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