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Can anyone give me a run down on pros and cons of single sex vs co-ed?

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witherhills Fri 07-Oct-11 15:30:09

DS due to start reception next year.
DH seems to prefer a boys school, as he went to a boys school.
I went to a co-ed school, and that's what I prefer.
Is it just your own experience?
The only thing I can think of is that DS would have a more rounded emotional experience in a co-ed school, ie. being more aware of girls emotions and feelings, or does that just sound stupid?

forgive me, I am currently reading "raising boys"!

Takver Fri 07-Oct-11 16:57:44

I don't know about primaries, but I went to a single sex secondary, and would definitely consider it as an option for my dd if there was one near here. But, I think it depends very much on the type of school.

I went to a not particularly academic state comprehensive. I've read quite a few threads where MNers who went to single sex schools report a very academic 'hothouse' environment, a lot of bitchiness etc. I think that may be linked to the fact that the great majority of single sex schools are either grammar schools or independents, so very different from a 'normal' comp regardless of whether they are mixed or not.

Overall, I guess it would depend on the school itself for me. Our school had a 'sister' school for boys, and then the 6th forms were joint. The boys didn't appear to be emotionally stunted in any way; tbh since they had sisters, female friends etc to socialise with outside of school I guess it probably didn't make a huge difference.

One difference I guess was that there were quite a lot of girls from Sikh & Muslim families at our school because they preferred a single sex environment, many more than the average for the town (also, the other nearby school was CofE, so that obviously might have put them off it!). So that might be a plus if you were looking for a more diverse environment?

sittinginthesun Fri 07-Oct-11 18:27:25

Personally, I'm all for mixed primaries, but that's just my view. More balanced class all round. I have two boys. My eldest (year 3) played mostly with boys at nursery etc until he started school, but in reception, he played with more girls. His best friend is a girl.

I can't actually think if any advantages at primary for single sex education...

coffeeaddict Fri 07-Oct-11 20:40:37

Here's an advantage if they are arty/musical. At a mixed school the boys invariably think being in the choir is for sissies (unless school is absolutely marvellous at promoting it). At a boys' school the choir HAS to consist of boys and they all do it totally unselfconsciously. Ditto other 'wussy' occupations.

I am very pro single sex for boys as my DH has worked in education and rekcons lively boys can be deemed 'trouble-makers' in comparison to girls who sit nicely and colour in.

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