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An0therName Fri 07-Oct-11 12:17:23

I am sure that I read a recommendation for a book about spelling - but I can't find it - it was about really understanding the rules - its not for my DS as he is a bit young -but for me I am so bad at it!

Mashabell Fri 07-Oct-11 16:01:38

The main reason why many speakers of English have spelling difficulties is the inconsistency of the English writing system. It does not really have rules, just main patterns, but most of them have exceptions, from just one or two (cat, sat, mat - plait) to hundreds (e.g. consonant doubling in words of more than one syllable: very merry, copy poppy, ballad salad...).

If u want to learn more about it, u might like to check out my blogs or website. It all comes down to imprinting the look of words on your mind. People with a good visual memory find it easy and do it mostly by reading, but many others don't. Most troublesome of all are the different spellings for identical words (its/it's, their/there).

I've looked at hundreds of books about spelling over the past 15 years and their main advice boils down to: become aware of the spellings u keep getting wrong, keep writing them down (on a list or in a little notebook) and try to improve.
Masha Bell

snowball3 Fri 07-Oct-11 16:03:12

masha, you keep spelling "you" wrong. Perhaps you should follow your own advice grin

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