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DD (7) struggling to settle in with her new teacher and school year. What can I do?

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Dirtydishesmakemesad Fri 07-Oct-11 12:12:26

My dd has just turned 7 and is in year 2. She started at the school at the start of year one (after moving house). To be honest she has struggled to fit in for the last year, no major problems but no friends and she seems isolated socially. She has however enjoyed year 1 despite of this, she liked her teacher and says she enjoys school and apart from the odd blip she is always happy to go in and looks forward to it.

This year so far she has been different, this came to a head yesterday when she told me she "hates" her new teacher and class because she has gone (in her words down a group in maths and her teacher is mean according to her. She struggles with her writing although her reading is pretty good (i think!), she has little confidence in her school work and she struggles.

Last night she spent a good half hour drawing pictures of her new teacher with a big cross through it to apparently show how much she dislikes her. I have not had much contact with her new teacher yet but she actually seems fine, I have told my dd not to worry about the groups and that it doesnt matter but i tihnk she sees it as another sign of her struggling (i have a feeling that she is now in the easiest maths group but i dont know as i have not asked about groupings before i just let the teachers get on with it).

What can i do? it is parents evening next week but i dont really feel like i can waltz in and say "well dd hates you" and i the struggling with work was the same last year but the teacher just kept talking about goals which are fine but poor dd never seems to meet them!.

aries12 Fri 07-Oct-11 14:49:38

I think you should make an appointment to see the teacher at a different time to the parent teacher meeting so you you will be able to take your time and discuss the situation properly.
It sounds as though your Dd is struggling a bit with work and this in turn is not helping her confidence.
See if there are ways you can help at home yourself. Spend some time if you can on the writing. Get her a "news copy"...project type copy..blank on top..lines below. Allow her to write the news for every day..."Today is...etc. then get her to draw a picture as go with the news..this is the fun bit and distracts from the writing!
I did this with my Dd when she was about 5 (her writing was not good enough for the teacher at the time!!). This really helped her to improve the writing...she just probably needs practice and hopefully you will see her getting faster at doing it.
There are many ways you can help with Maths..see if you have been given a list of "targets " for the year and work on those...Personally, I see nothing wrong with buying workbooks for your child but I see some teachers disapprove of this. I buy the Marks and Spencers ones but WHS Smith is equally good.
Ask the teacher to see if she can do anything with the friends situation...if a child is finding school difficult academically and then has a problem with the friends it can become a very negative place in their little world.

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