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Girls wearing trousers at primary...

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tiredandbusy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:07:36

DD transferred schools to one that's nearer (we can walk), smaller etc this term (yr4). She's always worn mostly trousers to school as well as skirts and summer dress. She was told by the girls at her new school that trousers weren't allowed but I dismissed it as absurd.... no teacher mentioned it...

Today, I asked the head and and was told that yes indeed the governors set the uniform policy and girls are not to wear trousers. Her reasons included not finding a style that suited all girls....? (boys are clearly all of identical build), no other girls minded, and we all have rules we have to live by...

I tried to reason with her politely that my daughter was more comfortable in trousers when that was what she decided to wear, warmer, quicker to change after swimming, less scraping of knees, no knickers showing when playing and cartwheeling.... She just dismissed these like I was being overdramatic and said that the kids can't just decide for themselves what to wear - I suppose it isn't really life or death but grey trousers ARE a part of the uniform - just restricted to those children with penises - and it is this I feel is unfair. She just wants a choice.

I was invited to write to the governors to request a review of the policy - I might suggest to DD that she do this??

Am i making a mountain out of a molehill?

An0therName Thu 06-Oct-11 22:12:44

I think there have been cases of this before - although I think in secondary - maybe google it, or you could ask in the femenism section they might have it to hand
also as I understand it uniform is not inforcable in primary school anyway

i think its awful and quite understand your view - however of course as with all these things its how far you want to take it

ICantFindAFreeNickName Thu 06-Oct-11 22:14:02

I would be very annoyed by this. It seems a very old fashioned attitude & I would be slightly worried that they might be old fashioned in other area.

Legally I don't think a state primary school can force a child to wear a particular uniform anyway, so I'm not sure what the Head thinks he can do if your DD continues to wear her trousers.

workshy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:14:27

our primary has just got rid of skirts!

in the winter months anyway

the teachers do not want to see lots of little girls pants when they are sitting crossed legs on the carpet!
and if they want to to handstands or cartwheels then they have to have cycle shorts on under their summer dress

Primary schools cannot enforce a uniform -just send her in trousers :-)

BarryShitpeas Thu 06-Oct-11 22:14:34

No you are not.

Is this a state school? Faith?

Ime most headteachers would be fine about girls wearing trousers, for the reasons you've listed.

Write to the governors.

Test your letter out on mn first. grin

amistillsexy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:17:50

To be honest, I think such hard and fast rules about uniforms are petty and ridiculous.

Of course, your Y4 daughter is going to be much more comfortable in trousers. FFS, is that all the HT has to worry about!

I can see that, in a very tough secondary school, it might just set the tone of a school to insist on s a strict uniform policy, but in a primary school, it's just ridiculous.

But then, I'm the mum who was told my kids were heading for delinquency because I bought them blue shoes not black (for their starts in Reception and Year a little country village school!)

bluepapermonkey Thu 06-Oct-11 22:18:42

i can't believe this is still happening. i remember being sent to school in trousers and the headteacher made me stand up in assembly as an example - trousers weren't allowed. my mum went ballistic and i think it changed but this was the 70s ffs. there's no way this is allowed. blatant discrimination. jeez... get the Guardian in, quick!

Harecare Thu 06-Oct-11 22:20:30

You're not. I send DD1 to school in trousers on the days she has PE as it's easier to change - tights are tricky. I also prefer trousers as I think her knees are better protected from scrapes. I think it is crazy not to allow girls to wear trousers and you ought to start a petition. Or at very least insist that your daughter be allowed to wear trousers as it is more practical and forcing her to wear a uniform different to the boys is discriminatory (is it? Don't know, but I'd say that).
She wears a dress the other 2 days as she does like it and I bought a dress and trousers, so need to alternate - need to get a spare pair of trousers though.
Do all the girls wear identical skirts/dresses?

tiredandbusy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:20:55

Cool! normal state primary one form entry. Thing is, as she is new and the school gave her a last minute place, I feel a bit bad making waves. The uniform list doesn't specify that girls can't wear skirts but trousers aren't on the list in the girl's section. This is why I didn't even notice. She said she wants to write so will see if she still does and see what she comes up with!

I can write a splendid letter that gets right to the point but it might have more impact from her!

......I also hate ironing pleats!

mercibucket Thu 06-Oct-11 22:21:17

oh ffs is this a time warp or something? wasn't all this nonsense sorted out years ago? sigh
what do you plan on doing?

slp123 Thu 06-Oct-11 22:21:23

Do the head and female staff always wear skirts/dresses?! I doubt it! What a crazy 'rule'!

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 06-Oct-11 22:21:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredandbusy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:22:34

Skirts are a real mixture - some with tights, some with white ankle socks and the latest trend seems to be grey knee length socks. Looks quite messy really.

IndigoBell Thu 06-Oct-11 22:24:38

You can't take it to the LEA smile

It's the governors decision. So writing to them is the correct thing to do. They can easily change the uniform policy if your DD writes them a convincing letter smile

mercibucket Thu 06-Oct-11 22:25:12

oh just go the whole hog, send a solicitors letter and really get the wind up them

Selks Thu 06-Oct-11 22:25:24

What?? trousers not allowed? Incredible to hear that that's the school's policy - it's blardy 2011 not 1950. Ridiculous.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 06-Oct-11 22:28:26

I don't think that uniform can be enforced at primary school so I'd ignore it.

A secondary school here has banned girls wearing skirts because according to the head on the local news;

The girls were flouting the rule about a minimum skirt length

Also the head was worried that the girls may be being too suggestive and putting themselves at risk.


So not only is he saying that he can't enforce a rule.....why does he not send girls home if their skirts are too short if that's against rules? But he's also telling the girls that they can not wear certain clothes incase a man can't control themselves and assaults them. Terrible, glad my dd doesn't go there.

Sorry, got a bit off topic....

piprabbit Thu 06-Oct-11 22:29:16

Our school seems to have a 'grey bottom half' policy. Trousers, skirts, pinafores, culottes, shorts - whatever.

No trousers for girls is stupid - especially in the winter and when going swimming.

bluepapermonkey Thu 06-Oct-11 22:29:53

yeah, send a solicitors letter and then become a governor. that'll show 'em.

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 06-Oct-11 22:30:21

Same at my niece's (RC) school - strictly no trousers. I would be up in arms, but my sister is quite relaxed about it.

It is mad - it utterly sets out the expected gender divide/roles from aged 4. Thus boys can have move about as they want, with nice warm legs that are protected from scrapes, whereas the girls have to worry about sitting 'nicely' and playing 'nicely' so as to not show knickers or ladder tights.

WinnieMac Thu 06-Oct-11 22:30:33

Oh, I don't know. I don't like to see schoolgirls in trousers, as they tend to be all cheap and polyester-y looking. I also imagine they're pretty uncomfortable (I don't wear trousers ever as I can't find any that are comfortable enough, and I'm tiny and slender).

I'm vair glad my DD goes to a school where girls are only allowed to wear skirts (one specific skirt, in fact). It certainly doesn't stop them hanging upside down from trees or cartwheeling!

admission Thu 06-Oct-11 22:31:15

This comes from the Department website

What if girls wish to wear trousers as part of a school uniform?
Publication Date: 09 July 2010Share
There is no legal precedent. Our view remains that it is for school governors to decide whether to allow girls to wear trousers as part of a school’s uniform policy. They must ensure they do not discriminate when applying their uniform policy. It would be for the courts to decide a sex discrimination issue.

I suspect that you need to mention Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010 as the basis for saying girls should be allowed to wear trousers.

tiredandbusy Thu 06-Oct-11 22:31:52

great link! Will read it with DD tomorrow. Her last school 5 minutes away was also a grey whatever policy - hence not even checking the uniform policy.

Way to make friends... ;)

admission Thu 06-Oct-11 22:32:22

You could also of course ask whether the rule applies to all female members of staff and see what the reaction is!

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 06-Oct-11 22:32:26

Really Winnie - you, a grown woman does not like to wear trousers and so you're glad your DD does not have the choice? I don't get it...

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