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Appealing school transport decision

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rebl Thu 06-Oct-11 18:51:37

My twins go to 2 different schools. One goes to our catchment school and one goes to a much larger school that can cope with his needs (SEN, SA+, not statement) 2.5miles down the road. He used to go to the village school but because they just couldn't keep him safe we had to move him. Currently my dd goes to school on the school minibus. This minibus is run by the school. However the minibus is now running at a considerable loss (think equivalent of a part-time ta position) and the school are faced with having to get rid of the minibus at the end of this term. There is no replacement for the school run service they are providing. Therefore in January I am in a position of 2 children a 2 different schools that I can't possibly manage pick up and drop off at.

So I applied to the council for transport for ds. They turned the application down based on the fact that he does not attend his "closest suitable school". My arguement is he does attend his closest suitable school. Its not my fault the closest school was so bad he managed to get out of the premises for 20 mins before it was noticed he was missing. Its not my fault that the teacher refused to follow his action plan for inclusion so he could access the curiculum.

So I'm now faced with having to appeal the councils decision. I've spoken to my ds's current school and they are willing to support our appeal both on the grounds that ds is at the only suitable school in the area and that it would not be in ds's best interests for dd to be moved to his school. I've not yet spoken to dd's school for their support but I would be looking for support from them to say that its not in dd's best interests to move schools to be with her twin brother. She sees the school counciler because of affect ds has on her even in the home. School is a break from ds for her and her mental well being was significantly harmed when they were in the same class. Also, there are no 2 form intake schools in our area.

Based on all this information do we even stand a chance of winning our appeal or is it all a waste of time? Where do we stand legally as well? Please remember that we have evidence that the closest school was unable to meet ds's needs so was unsuitable.

vincentvangogh Thu 06-Oct-11 19:13:45

I won my transport appeal this summer. I will pm you.

rebl Thu 06-Oct-11 20:46:50

Thank you, have replied.

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