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Youngest has just started school... feeling a bit useless...

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minko Thu 06-Oct-11 18:42:36

I've been a SAHM for about 5 years, though I have done a bit of work from home. But really lacking confidence to find a job in what I'm qualified for.

I applied to be a p/t delivery driver and even they haven't phoned back.

Just not sure what I'm doing with my life now... it's like empty nest syndrome!

toddlerama Thu 06-Oct-11 18:43:32

What are you qualified to do?

Campaspe Thu 06-Oct-11 19:09:02

Can you break yourself in really gently to the world of work with a bit of voluntary work? Maybe you could help out at your child's school, or spend a few hours a week at the local Oxfam shop.

Alternatively, would doing a course boost your confidence?

I know these are stereotyped ideas, but it's just doing anything that gets you out and about and meeting people and getting your confidence back.

minko Fri 07-Oct-11 09:49:56

Thanks for your suggestions. I am a graphic designer. I have 'kept my hand in' with work from home, but I feel that there are loads of younger trendier designers out there now with fresher ideas and more energy.

I have volunteered to help at school. Really though, I need to gather up my confidence to at least give design a shot before I fill my time with little jobs and leave design behind altogether.

MissPB Fri 07-Oct-11 12:18:04

Sorry to hear you are feeling unconfident about your abilities. Is there anyway you can start to use your skills again in a small way? Not sure whether it is your thing, but perhaps volunteer to do some of the flyers, newsletters etc for the PTA? I am sure lots of charities would love a graphic designer to help them out every now and again too.

Or have I just totally simplified your job? Hope not - I certainly haven't meant to do that!

ExpectoPatronum Fri 07-Oct-11 13:01:06

Get a list of local primary schools and community preschools from Sure Start or FIS. Write to them with a beautifully produced flyer giving indicative costs / timescales for you to design stuff for them, e.g. logos for uniform, logos for clubs, marketing material, prospectuses, forms, web-pages.

If you keep it relatively inexpensive (am detecting from your post that you don't have massive and immediate financial need to go back to work??) and accessible, I bet you'll get some takers and it will allow you to do something design related than nonetheless fits around school (and talllies with the 'page' you're on now, personally).

And then from a CV point of view, you can show some recent paid experience that would be useful for anything else you apply for.

If I got a flyer like that (preschool business manager) I'd definitely hang on to it even if I didn't have something right away.

Runoutofideas Fri 07-Oct-11 13:24:41

Just wanted to say - I know the feeling! I have been researching everything from foster caring/childminding/nannying to franchises and ebay selling this week! Just feel like I should be doing something but that whatever it is has to start after 9, finish before 3 and leave me available for the school holidays and days off sick etc. Funnily enough, there are not many of those jobs around!!

BleughCowWonders Fri 07-Oct-11 13:31:43

First of all, give yourself some time. It's obviously been a while (5 years) so any big change is bound to feel very strange. Why not give yourself a proper break and set yourself a deadline before which you will do nothing but catch up on the last few years. Once you have, it might be clearer what direction you need to go in.

minko Fri 07-Oct-11 20:48:34

Many thanks lovely ladies! I love all your suggestions. I like the flyers for schools idea, I already did the PTA newsletter at DD's previous school!

Also think Bleugh might be right... maybe I need to adjust to my new status rather than panic and rush into the first idea that comes along... I am like you Runout in that I have been considering loads of stuff, I don't know what to do first. Have considered re-training as a teacher, becoming a teaching assistant, becoming a driving instructor, doing kids afterschool classes, starting my own business, working for the post office, delivery driving... and all in a bit of a mad panic!

Tis a horrible feeling. Quite miss DS too, though he is happy at larry at school and I know he was bored at home with me.

PANCHEY Fri 07-Oct-11 21:45:15

Minko you sound exactly like me, cant help but would be great to hear what you do next.

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