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Questions for new school

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RunOrRioja Wed 05-Oct-11 14:48:38

My dd (yr 1) is moving to a new school because are are relocating, we are viewing 2 schools next week.

What questions can you think of that I can ask so I don't keep thinking of things afterwards and having to keep calling the school...


IndigoBell Wed 05-Oct-11 15:06:00

Depends what your DD needs grin

- before / after school club?

- extra curricula activities?

- Support for SEN?

- Support for G&T?

- Homework policy grin

- How do they deal with bullying?

- How will they help DD adapt / make friends / fit in at new school?

- Do they have a lot of kids move into and out of the school?

RunOrRioja Wed 05-Oct-11 19:32:39

Thanks Indigo!


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