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2012 application form

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shelley72 Tue 04-Oct-11 07:50:24

We have been given the application forms for next years intake and so are in the process of deciding which schools we are going to put down as our preferences for DS. Not that it will make much difference as he will probably end up going to the -crap just off special measures-- school in catchment. Anyway on our form, we have to put down a 'reason for choice' for our preferred schools. What kinds of statements are they expecting? Obviously this would be where you would put down your faith if you had one (eg catholic school for practising catholic) or same school as sibling. But as we dont have either we can't just put 'we really liked the headteacher/feel of the school' can we? What (if anything) would we write to make our application stronger?

Its the first time we have been through this process and I have to say its a complete nightmare and making me feel a tad depressed!


prh47bridge Tue 04-Oct-11 08:12:40

You can safely leave this part of the form blank. It makes absolutely no difference to the admissions process.

If there was some reason why your child should be in a higher admission category (e.g. medical needs if the school has an admission category for that) you could put it in there but there should really be somewhere else on the form for that information. But in the absence of something like that there is nothing you can put which will make any difference.

CustardCake Tue 04-Oct-11 08:55:07

prh47 is right - by law the form has to have a space for you to write why you want a school but when, push comes to shove, it carries no weight at all.

If your reason is a medical one then that will be on another part of the form and you will be submitting evidence about that anyway. The kinds of things people write in the boxes are anything from prefering a small school to liking the drama rooms to wanting to move to that part of town in the near future BUT if you don't meet the criteria then nothing you write here can help you get a place.

If the catchment area last year for those without siblings was 1 mile and you live 2.2 miles away then you are highly unlikely to get in (unless they've expanded recently or got rid of sibling priority) and there isn't anything you can say in the box that will change that. Obviously if you have a more immediate need for a place that is different but, as prh4 says, that will be dealt with on the form in the place for special medical and exceptional needs.

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