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Reception Teacher shouted / cross with my 4 year old

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Mirrorball Mon 03-Oct-11 16:41:31

Just a bit of perspective... my 4 year old (one of the youngest) just had his first full day at school. He's just told me that the teacher shouted at him and was cross with him and he was feeling sad.

My eldest is in the same class (year 1), he's quite mature for his age, and told me pretty much the same version...

I asked why she was cross and neither of them knew why she shouted at him. I will talk to her in the morning to establish the circumstances, but I need to calm down - I am so upset... he is FOUR, the youngest in the class, first full day.

Is this me being precious, should I be able to trust that the teachers are making proper judgement. It's such a tiring time for them, and I hate the thought of him being shouted at and he can't even tell me why.

curlytoes Mon 03-Oct-11 16:56:56

Of course you'll feel a bit upset. You love your children, you want them to be happy and enjoy school. There's no way to know what really happened though without talking calmly to the teacher. Maybe your DC was doing something dangerous, trying to run around with scissors or hurting another child, maybe the shouting has been exaggerated. Just go in for a chat and hopefully this will put your mind at rest.

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