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flyingsaucer123 Sun 02-Oct-11 18:55:03

My Ds has gone into year 2 and they have now told everyone that they are going to limit the books as everyone is going through them to fast. If they had excellent results I may not be so irritated but they dont. If anything they need to be a bit more pushy. If you say anything to the teachers they refuse to discuss it. I feel my Ds is my responsibility and it is very well for teachers to take this laid back approach as they are qualified teachers. However it wont be there responsibility when my Ds is stuck in a dead end boring job. I know the school is not very academic but what frustrates me is when you try to help your child yourself they just stonewall you.

muffinflop Sun 02-Oct-11 19:09:38

Do you mean reading books? confused

If so, do you really think the amount of school books a child reads really dictates what job they get in the future?? I'm sure you have reading books at home or a library near by

If not then I apologise grin

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