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Container for putting drink of milk in with packet lunch

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Boboma Sun 02-Oct-11 18:25:38

I'm probably behind the times, but I have just found that school doesn't provide milk anymore. I'd like to give my DD milk in her packet lunch instead of a carton of juice (she is not a good eater). I had a look in the supermarket today and you don't seem to be able to buy fresh milk cartons/little bottles. Do any of you have a solution? A refillable container that doesn't leak and keeps milk cool?

seeker Sun 02-Oct-11 18:28:29

I wouldn't- it's horrible if it gets spilled or if it's not properly cold.why not give her milk for breakfast and as an after school drink instead?

rubyrubyruby Sun 02-Oct-11 18:30:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

treas Sun 02-Oct-11 18:40:11

With seeker on this one - milk can curdle and smell bad, also room temperature milk isn't the greatest thing to drink.

applypie Sun 02-Oct-11 19:07:38

yazoo flavoured milk is the only one I've found. I'd love to give DS2 UHT milk in small cartons but it doesn't seem to exist.

DreamTeamGirl Mon 03-Oct-11 15:31:21

I think you can register at Cool Milk and if you get more than 15 or so kids they will deliver for free

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