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Below average DD in Year 2 put in top groups in Year 3

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emlu67 Sat 01-Oct-11 22:32:51

DD was in 5 of 6 groups for Maths, Group 2 of 3 for spelling and below average on book bags whilst most of her friends are on final book bags or have been free readers for some time.

Year 2 teacher clearly did not think much of DD academically and never moved her up a group no matter what. She got one spelling wrong all year yet never moved up and became frustrated at not being given the chance to try the harder spellings. I was told her maths was poor and she stayed in one of the bottom groups all year but was overjoyed when she tried a paper from the top group maths one day and found it easy!

In Year 3 she is in top groups for everything and moved up three book bags in a week and is well on her way to becoming a free reader (she was not listened to much at all last term unlike some of her classmates).

DD is very happy in her new groups and has no trouble with the work at all, my concern is that she languished at the bottom for so long while the 'top' ones were pushed and has missed out on some of the learning opportunities that they had.

Year 2 teacher now retired so can't take it up with the school and don't really want to in any case now that she is getting on so much better, just wondered what the point of streaming is if they can get it so wrong.

RedHelenB Sun 02-Oct-11 13:39:41

If she's not having trouble with the work I 'm not sure you need to worry?

aries12 Sun 02-Oct-11 14:42:23

Be happy that she is now at the right level, sounds as though she was incorrectly palced last year. I guess if you were aware of it then you should discussed it with her teacher. Sometimes, children will work differently for different teachers and your Dd may not have bothered much last year. I don't know the child but I see how lazy my own can be at times!

shineypenny Sun 02-Oct-11 14:47:50

Most children reach a point where everything just 'clicks' and they move on with leaps and bounds. Some are faster than others. Maybe everything has just 'clicked' for your dd.

bigTillyMint Sun 02-Oct-11 14:51:33

I agree with shineypenny - it may have just suddenly clicked for her. DS seemed to just click some time in Y3 - maybe to do with maturing, etc.

Or the old bat might just have wanted to keep her groups even and the same all year grin

CecilyP Sun 02-Oct-11 15:07:28

Is your DD young in year, by any chance? Her groups may have been right for her at the beginning of Y2 but now she has caught up. It still sounds as the Y2 teacher must have been very inflexible not to have moved her earlier. As your DD is coping with the work, it doesn't really sound as if she has missed anything.

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