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Would you send a 4 year old to school with a broken collarbone?

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virgiltracey Sat 01-Oct-11 08:45:25

DS2 came home from school last night with a broken collarbone (which we didn't discover until he'd woken screaming in pain and we'd taken him to A&E sad). He's 4 and three months and in reception. I had assued he'd go to school on Monday as normal but now I'm wondering whether I should keep him off. He is on painkillers and has his arm in a sling but he is struggling to do things like feed himself and wipe his bottom.

Would you send him to school?

mumblechum1 Sat 01-Oct-11 08:45:58

I'd ask the doctor/nurse.

Dipsyistipsy Sat 01-Oct-11 08:54:13

I would keep him home on Monday and give the Head a ring and see what she advises.If he,s in pain,it would only take an accidental knock from another child to leave him in agony,poor little mite,I hope he feels more comfortable soon.

WoodBetweenTheWorlds Sat 01-Oct-11 08:59:20

I'd watch him over the weekend to see how much pain he is in. I broke my collarbone years ago, and did need to rest at first as it was agony. Certain movements in particular were excruciating, and going about my daily life was difficult as I kept forgetting not to movein certain ways. If he can't eat and go to the toilet independently, what will he do?

bagelmonkey Sat 01-Oct-11 09:01:22

If he still needs regular analgesia I'd want to be certain that he'd get it if he went to school. Also, as WBTW says about being independent with toilet & eating.

virgiltracey Sat 01-Oct-11 09:04:52

He has to go to the fracture clinic on Monday evening and so I think I'll keep him off on Monday after all and see what they say.

Hopefully the school would be able to accomodate giving him some extra support. The teacher child ratio is 1-6 and so there are plenty of adults around to assist him if he needs it. Thankfully his right arm is ok and he's right handed and so hopefully once he gets used to protecting his arm he'll be able to cope. He was stamped on by another child and so I think he's a bit worried about being in the playground anyway and so probably wouldn't mind sitting in the indoor play area instead.

Not sure what we'll do if he has to be off for 4 weeks (although thankfully half term is coming up anyway!)

Hulababy Sat 01-Oct-11 09:05:08

If he is still in pain and it is still very delicate I would keep him home. You don;t want him to keep getting knocked. Once it starts to heal and he is more able to cope without painkillers it'll be better to send him back.

When DD broke her foot last week we tried sending her to school - in big walking boots as they did'nt plaster cast it but as her classroom is upstairs and it was unrpotected she really struggled. She's older at 9y but she still struggled with getting it knocked and trying to get around. In the end I spoke to school and we kept her home, but with work to do, for a few days until she could get around easier and without the fear of it being hit all the time.

EdithWeston Sat 01-Oct-11 09:08:39

I'd it until after he's been reviewed at the fracture clinic on Monday, and then follow their advice. I think school should be fine (memories of many injured rugby players taking no time off at all - bit more burly burly in primary schools esp playtimes though!)

I hope he recovers quickly - they really do heal with amazing rapidity at that age.

ConstanceNoring Sat 01-Oct-11 09:29:39

My DS was about the same age when he broke his collarbone, it was nearly a week before it was discovered it was actually broken blush . He didn't like the sling at all, the doc said it was fine to go without it as he would look after the arm himself IYSWIM.

He wanted to go to school so I checked with them if they were ok with him coming in with the injury and he might need some extra help, they were fine and he was fine too, I was amazed at how he coped and bounced back so quickly!

CardyMow Sun 02-Oct-11 01:29:54

STAMPED on by another child - and you want to send him BACK there when he has suffered a broken bone??!! I hopethe school is going to be able to keep your son safe from the person who did this to him - without your ds losing out on playing in the playground with his friends.

Jux Sun 02-Oct-11 01:34:04

My bro broke his collarbone when he was about 12. He was home for at least a week, possibly more, but cannot remember exactly. It's v painful and very hard not to move it when you're doing things. A touch can be excruciating, let alone a bump.

sleepwouldbenice Sun 02-Oct-11 20:57:33


my daughter broke her collar bone at school on a Thursday - and was back in school after her fracture clinic appointment on the monday. she felt so much better then, they really do heal well

School let her stay in for a few breaks (with a friend) then the novelty wears off and they end up outside again

Just really depends on how your child feels

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