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Rhodes Avenue School Muswell Hill

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SebbysMum Fri 30-Sep-11 16:37:06

I am going to look at a property in the catchment for this school and may need to make a decision on it before there is an opportunity to look around the school. Can anyone tell me anything about the ethos and teaching? Do pupils in the early years get homework? How much emphasis is put on academic work? Any others comments would also be useful first hand or not. Thank you

soonbesailing Sat 01-Oct-11 00:22:34

Hi Sebbysmum, I'm not a Rhodes Avenue parent, but do live in MH, so can give some advice. Very nice school it is/has been expanded to 3 form (I think that is from this years intake) but quite a few MH schools have been expanded in the last few years. Very well regarded and I know lots of parents who are very happy with at the school. Not sure on homework, but most of the MH primary schools get pretty good results. Many local parents would be very happy to send their child to Rhodes Avenue.

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