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Advice please - seven year old and maths/general worries

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crazycrofter Fri 30-Sep-11 11:12:27

My dd is in year 3. By way of background, she joined the school in January and was put in the year 1/2 class then, as that was where the space was (there are 45 in a year - so a year 1 class, a year 1/2 class and a year 2 class). She's now in a year 3/4 class, with half the children from the old year 2 class, so she's in a totally new group of kids and has left her best friend behind in the infants. As a result the new academic year has not been the easiest for her!

On several occasions we have had tears, mainly about friendship issues, but also about maths - she says she really struggles. This morning she didn't want to go in because of the maths. She says her table and another table are 'independent workers' while the other tables have an adult working with them (there is a teacher and two TAs). She doesn't seem to know what she's supposed to do when she's stuck/whether she's allowed to get up and approach an adult etc. She also says the boy she sits next to - and is supposed to work with - is mean to her. He always shows off about how much he knows and makes her feel stupid so she can't ask him for help!

This may well be her being over sensitive, or even competitive! But the pairing is obviously not working for her and is causing upset. Should I encourage her to persevere? She says there is a spare seat on the other equivalent table and she wants to move there!

Do you think I should raise this with the teacher? And does it sound right that two tables have to work independently?

IndigoBell Fri 30-Sep-11 11:36:19

The independent tables will be for the kids who aren't struggling with maths.

It is fine to talk to the teacher and tell her exactly what you said here.

Elsjas Fri 30-Sep-11 11:36:49

I would definitely raise it with the teacher, especially if she doesn't know how to get help when she is stuck. In my daughter's class, there are tables which work more independently than others but they still get help from the teacher when necessary. I would also raise the point about the boy she sits next to and ask the teacher to keep an eye on whether the partnership is working or not.

crazycrofter Fri 30-Sep-11 11:58:53

Thanks, I never know how pushy to be, as by nature I never raise anything with anyone! (which is not good I know...).

I know she's considered to be good at maths, as she got level 3 last year, but she obviously feels as if she's struggling! I suppose maths is one of those subjects that you can get really stuck with.

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