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eridge house school fulham

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latestarter2009 Fri 30-Sep-11 09:35:56

does anyone have kids here or any thoughts on this or any other west london prep schools? tx

PatriciaHolm Fri 30-Sep-11 11:14:42

Friends have, and are very happy.

latestarter2009 Fri 30-Sep-11 14:22:58


betterwhenthesunshines Fri 30-Sep-11 14:30:43

Don't base your decision on how a school suits one other family though. Go and see the school, and alternatives, think in advance about what questions you want to ask that are importanat to you. See how you like the head, see how the teachers talk to the pupils, look at the variety of work on the walls (is it ALL children in the class, or just the 'best' ones?).

Milkshake3 Sun 09-Oct-11 23:04:39

I have my dc at another school in fulham because I wanted the flexibility to keep them there until they were 13 , aswell as a school with more experience of the moving on process (11/13+). You should make your own decision after seeing all the schools and working out the best fit for your family. good luck!!

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