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Do I say something (PFB Started reception)

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ChocolateTeacup Thu 29-Sep-11 20:57:34


I have a very upset boy who when as I usually do, said to him @is there anything you want to chat about?' Burst into tears saying he didnt want to go to school because X pushed him and Y called him a name, now DS is 4.9 and a sensitive chap, he has only been going full time this week so I think some of it is probably tiredness.

I have said to him I am sure the teacher has sorted it out and if it happens again to tell her. He was still upset so we cuddled and talked about how some people are still learning how they need to behave and how his teacher enforces the golden rules and so on.

He was still worried and very adamant he wasnt going to go to school tomorrow, so I said to him, what do you want me to do?

He responds come into school with him to look after him, I say I am not allowed to do that so He asks me to speak to his teacher.

What do I say to the teacher that doesn't make me sound like a worried mother of a PFB when I am sure the incident has already been dealt with?

mumto2andnomore Thu 29-Sep-11 21:01:56

Speak to the teacher, say what he has said, ask if she was aware and to keep an eye on things. It may have happened at lunchtime and the message wasnt passed on from the dinner ladies in which case she can investigate. Always best to ask-but in a non confrontational way !

thisisyesterday Thu 29-Sep-11 21:02:11

oh bless him!

i would just go in and say that he told you what happened and then say what you'd told him (that you're sure they dealt with it) but that he was still worried and had asked you to come in and talk to him/her about it. you can then both reassure him that it'll all be ok

I am sure if the teacher is nice she will get where you're coming from. you won't come across as PFB if you acknowledge that it has been dealt with and that you're just coming in because he needed you to

ChocolateTeacup Thu 29-Sep-11 21:08:06

Thank you both will follow your advice smile

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