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Seen something, should I say something?

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megatronsmum Mon 26-Sep-11 15:48:08


Theres a boy across the road whos about 8 or 9. I know he has SN, i think mild autism??

He gets picked up and dropped off by a school bus.

He gets dropped off on our side of the road to cross over to his.

Theres a driver and some bloke sat in the back.

This lad is always the last to be dropped off so its the adults and him in the van/bus thing.

The other day the lad was getting out and the bloke in the back was being a bit loud, he was saying something but couldn't make it out.

he then gets out and starts 'play punching' the lad saying 'i'll beat you up' aiming all over his body/head.

tbh the lad looked uncomftable and i wasn't sure how i interpreted it.

today the van pulls up, the kid gets out and the guys shouting aty him again

saying 'i'll give you one more chance to ...' but i couldn't make it out. he was really having a go at him but didn't go to the house like i'd expect him to if there was trouble iykwim?

then he got in the front andwas laughoing with the driver.

it just seemed like, along with the previous icident, very bullying.

should I tell his mum? or have i not seen/heard enough??

should i try to wait and see if anything else goes on or just tell her?

or keep my nose out?

JellyBelly10 Mon 26-Sep-11 16:03:12

Based on what you've said I'm not sure I'd feel I'd seen enough to actually report anything. But it's certainly worth keeping an eye on it if your gut reaction is that there's something a little bit malicious about the adults' behaviour. But if you can see this from your house, and the boy lives opposite you, then presumably his parents would be able to see? Would these adults be silly enough to do anything obviously bullying in front of the boy's house?

Eglu Mon 26-Sep-11 16:13:54

I would say something tbh. Just in a not sure if it's a big deal but thought I would let you know kind of way.y

gabid Mon 26-Sep-11 16:43:25

Agree with Eglu. Say something to mum, she might be able to have a chat with the boy and find out what has been going on.

madwomanintheattic Mon 26-Sep-11 16:52:22

do you think it's a sort of game they play? i know a few carers who have this sort of interaction with the kids, but they would know if it was appropriate (ie if the child was happy/ initiated that sort of thing, or if they would worry etc)

it does sound a bit odd. not necessarily anything to be concerned about, but as the boy was looking uncomfortable, def worth mentioning it to parents. and worth the driver and escort understanding that this sort of thing can be easily misconstrued (if that's what happened)...

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