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Key Stage 1 workbooks to recommend?

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pawre Mon 26-Sep-11 01:44:08


My DD is in Year 1 now (5 yo). We are abroad and the school is not quite following what you guys are doing in the UK (another story) and she's been saying the work has been too easy and to challenge her and give her some work at home etc, does anyone have any workbooks to recommend?

I have searched on the forum and came up with Letts??

Wanted to ask you all before I buy a bunch of books online!

Many thanks.

newtermnewname Mon 26-Sep-11 07:55:25

I have used the WHSmith ones for a while now and my DD enjoys the style of them. They are perhaps not quite as academic as some of them out there - Letts, CGP - but if the books appeal to a child they are more likely to want to do them, that's my thinking anyway! Would WHSmith deliver overseas? Check their website under "Education, KS1".

I know some teachers on here hate workbooks and I agree they are not for everyone, but if nothing else they would give you a clear picture of the National Curriculum requirements.

Lucy88 Mon 26-Sep-11 09:37:26

I got my DS, the Carol Vorderman maths and english books and they have followed the national curriculum perfectly. My DS really enjoyed them, as there were things in there that he was doing at school, but also some new stuff.

edoli Mon 26-Sep-11 13:08:14

I like the Bond No-Nonsense English and Maths ones because they have a teaching bit plus lots of practice. There is also a link to their website for more practice

albachiara Mon 26-Sep-11 16:08:46

I really like "Literacy now" (for ex. ages 6-7) by Andrew Brodie ( The book has a text to read, and then questions to see if the child has understood what they were reading. There is a bit of writing, but not too much. Some texts focus on adjectives, others or compound words, days of the week, etc.

Does anybody else like these? Also, after I have finished the Brodie's one with my son, I am going to get "Close Reading: Age 7-9 - Mary Firth". I think it's very important if children are able to get information from a text.

For Maths, I like this free resource:
I also like the Bond Nononsense for Maths (I have not used it for English, so I can't comment on that).

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