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Religion in Primary Schools

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TheLastDanceOfThisDiseasedMind Wed 21-Sep-11 20:33:28

Ok this is my first post and I hope it doesn't come across as weird. We live in rural community with some lovely CofE schools on the doorstep. We picked the best for our ds knowing it was a bit religious. So Harvest Festival today and it was a bit full on about the 3rd world starving children and not preparing for the winter ahead, and how we should help those more needy and not be greedy. All wonderful messages but it was just not very harvesty and was very preachy, one line in the school song was about starving children being overlooked and ignored and dying in war torn countries.
I expected we sow the fields and scatter and bringing veg to a big table and sharing a meal with the children and then boxing up the veg and taking it to a sheltered housing for the elderly.
So as I am new to school is this a typical harvest festival. Are they preachy now or is it still harvesty and what can I do if I feel the message was a bit strong and against my harvest time beliefs, thanks for your advice on this one as I was a bit shocked and we still have Christmas to come.

PotteringAlong Wed 21-Sep-11 20:43:48

Just out of curiosity what are your 'harvest time beliefs'?

You say you picked a CofE school you knew was very religious but are objecting to 'preachy' assemblies that you then say was a 'wonderful message'.

If you're objecting because they were laying the idea of starving children dying on a bit strong and it was upsetting for ks1 that's one thing and only you can judge that, but I fail to see what's 'un-harvesty' about it.

TheLastDanceOfThisDiseasedMind Wed 21-Sep-11 21:08:29

I went to a CofE school religious but the things done around the festivals wasn't heavy this was I felt just a bit of a big responsibility for the children the way it was done, the message was right but not the tone if you understand, and by preachy I mean it was meant for us as parents but the children will pick up a lot and it did upset my ds.
I just think harvest time is about the sowing and the gathering and the sharing with the community and the other greater issues should be for parents to manage not little children, in our area we are SouthEast the school choice if your not religious is limited and I want to introduce the harsh world to my child when he is older not thrust it upon him when he is still barely a babe. I love the school but was just worried by the tone. It was unexpected and it honestly upset me.

mrsbaffled Thu 22-Sep-11 12:08:27

Sounds harvesty to me..... sorry not what you wanted to hear!

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