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Help for parents - Home Tutor Packs

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whatdoesthisbuttondo Wed 21-Sep-11 17:31:35

Do you think home tutor packs are a good idea? I have worked in Infant Education for the past 7 years - currently as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. I have found that many of the children referred to me for classroom behaviour issues have chosen to distance themselves from a particular lesson by not trying, not listening or finding distractions in the classroom. They do this as they would rather take control of the outcome of their lesson. If they appeared to try and then get the wrong answer or as they see it "fail" they often feel other children, even their friends are laughing at them. More often than not, no one is laughing at them but it's the child's perception which will cause the pattern of events to continue. By demonstrating negative behaviour, the disruptive child has taken the focus away from their subject. They are now causing class distractions and some of the class will give positive feedback - the positive feedback they would prefer to receive from their subject teacher.
The classroom assistant can provide extra help, but this makes them feel even more "different" to their friends and so they can often "play the fool" to
prevent the extra help being given.
I was wondering whether any of you felt that a pack containing the required resources and some basic lesson plans for mum/dad/encouraging adult to do with the children at home would be welcomed by parents who can relate to the above. Your comments would be appreciated.

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