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Year 6 SATS - does much work actually go on after these take place in May, until leaving in July? Want to take mine out for a holiday in June.

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sandyballs Wed 21-Sep-11 14:11:45

Title says it all really. Friends have invited us to Spain for 10 days, too hot and expensive in August so I was thinking of taking my DD's out of school in June, after the SATS.

I get the impression that the aftermath of SATs is a wind down. But is this correct?

pinkhebe Wed 21-Sep-11 14:13:17

It was at our school, but they did really interesting stuff, like putting plays together, business week, etc

purpleturtletoise Wed 21-Sep-11 14:14:44

There might also be transition days for the new secondary school. Worth trying to avoid missing those, I would think.

Iwantacampervan Wed 21-Sep-11 14:17:58

There will be possibly things going on such as sports day, plays, residentials which the yr6s may not want to miss as it'll be their last ones.
Also, check when the transition days to secondary schools are and any parents evenings at the new schools - in our area it's during the first week of July but they may be in June.
There will still be work going on but it is likely not to be so intense as earlier and often more fun.

IndigoBell Wed 21-Sep-11 14:22:06

There will be loads going on.

School residential trip, school production, secondary transition days and work, sports days.....

All crammed into about 6 weeks.

quidsi Wed 21-Sep-11 14:24:50

Check what is going on at at school. We took DS out for a week in June when there was no transition day, no sports day. We had to hot foot it back on the friday tho so he could join the other Yr6 for their "camp out" but he was very appreciative and accepted that it was the only way we would get a holiday this year.
Apologies for crap typing - am BFin so typing onr handed

pinkhebe Wed 21-Sep-11 14:25:25

I think if you go as soon as possible after the sats, it will be a lovely treat after what can be quite a stressful time, I'd pick a holiday over sports day any time grin

quidsi Wed 21-Sep-11 14:25:48

Also, he had a major part in the end of year play but the school were great in accomodating the time off. It all worked out well.

purpleturtletoise Wed 21-Sep-11 14:27:31

Could you go at half-term?

Dreamingingrey Wed 21-Sep-11 14:44:33

Go and enjoy yourselves!

sandyballs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:03:45

Thanks for replies, they have already had their residential trip, last week (seemed a bit early!). Sports day is always the last week of term with the rest of KS2. I did wonder about the play/production, it isn't usually until the last week or so but they'll obviously be choosing parts/practising. Didn't think of transition days, will need to look into that.

sandyballs Wed 21-Sep-11 15:06:43

Half term a lot more expensive.

Jinx1906 Wed 21-Sep-11 15:49:23

It is probably the last time it is possible to take your DC on hols during the school term. Once you go to secondary it may be more difficult.

I would go if it were me, but perhaps try to be back well before the end of term so you still have the last few weeks in school.

Standing in a field for sportsday, staring at the sky, hoping it doesn't get rained off or on a sunbed by the pool with a nice cold drink? Not a tricky decision if you ask me.

TashHag Wed 21-Sep-11 16:01:35

You may not be able to find out about the transition days yet - I work in a Junior school and we don't normally get told by the secondary schools until the last minute the summer term. In any case, it will depend which school your child gets into.

AICM Wed 21-Sep-11 16:32:00

You might want to chack on Sex Education too as many schools cover this in the final term of Year 6.

mrz Wed 21-Sep-11 18:25:13

We use this time for transition work with receiving secondary schools. The pupils begin a project which they complete in their first few weeks in Y7 working alongside staff from the comprehensives in their own class. It is a time when their future teachers get to know them and their strengths and characters so is important ... so sky gazing

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