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Feel a bit miffed at teachers comment

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madhairgirl Tue 20-Sep-11 21:46:08

I know this is my fault, but I forgot to write in DS reading record. He has just started reception and it was his 3rd book. I have been writing in the record to show we have looked at the books, but the one he has over the weekend, I forgot too. We did look at the book, which is one of those with no words and just pictures.

Anyway he comes home today and the comment in his book just says "did he look at this at home?". Yes I forgot to say he had, but teacher has made no mention as to whether he hadn't done well or something to make her think this. I just feel a bit got at (need to toughen up). I am also a bit puzzled as itbia the same teacher that DD had last year and there was times that they never wrote in her reading record, ie when her book was changed etc. and my experiences from that have made me feel that it is a bit pointless sometimes as the seem take no notice of anything you actually write in it.

Sorry going on a bit. Problem is I have now written in his record book saying sorry had meant to write comment but had hoped it was obvious that we had looked at it. (meaning I would have hoped that they could tell that we had). Just worried that I now sound really petty. Jut a bit upset as we had spent quite a bit of time looking at books and he had even been trying to read some very simple ones from the library. Problem is I think he is bored with the school ones, they are not very interesting. Not sure what I am asking, apart from am I going to be very embarrassed at my comment back when the teacher reads it or was a reasonable comment to have made. My DH thinks I will.

UniS Tue 20-Sep-11 21:50:04

Relax. It was just a question. Did he look at it at home - answer yes, then teh book gets changed tomorrow, answer no and you keep teh book till there has been a chance to look at it together. Not every family manage to read every night.

I did put a commnet in DS record book after 5 or 6 wordless books " uniboy would like to know how many more wordless books he has to have , I think hes bored of them" lo and behold- a book with words came home for us to look at and me to read to him.

madhairgirl Tue 20-Sep-11 22:08:59

Relax, good idea. I just wish I wasn't always over sensitive about things, I just end up making it worse. I just hope the teacher doesn't take my comment the wrong way, as I didn't mean to sound like I was on my high horse.

cabbagesoup Tue 20-Sep-11 22:14:30

I always forgot to write in books but we did the work most of the time - regarding him being bored of school books I have a suggestion -

My boy loved starwars, lego etc, so I went to WHsmiths an bought a load of DK reading books on subjects he loved, and wrote in the book about them

I may be wrong here but my teachers just wanted them to be reading and enjoying it at that age, and were happy to listen to him reading about CP-30 and R2D2 it was the passion for books they wanted, may help?

It's only now in Juniors where they explore the book as a class that it matters what they read as homework.

DownyEmerald Wed 21-Sep-11 21:12:13

I used to help do book bags. First thing in morning books were taken out and comments were looked at. If the comment showed that book had been read and finished it then book would be changed. If no comment then assumed they hadn't read it so didn't change the book. I relied on the TA who did the books two other days a week to keep track of who wasn't being read with at home. Absolutely no asking the child, assessing the child - not time with a class of 29,and would be pointless in dd's case. She doesn't know what she did that morning let alone yesterday. I don't know the situation in your ds's school but it could be similar.

I don't think your comment sounds petty. And remember you are new at this and are learning the ropes as much as your ds is! Don't worry about it too much (says someone who also overthinks things).

I often used to write comments such as "no problems" when I thought dd could be moved up a level. It usually worked!

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