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Any experiences of changing schools in reception/beginning late?

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catsmeow Mon 19-Sep-11 23:09:04


My son is due to start school in reception (the rest of the class will already have started). I'm now thinking of deferring further until April.

has anyone else changed schools/started so late in the reception year? Did their child settle easily? Is it so disruptive it's not worth doing?

(My son's cousin/v.close friend is in the class he will be going into - they play together every weekend - and he knows about five or six other kids in the year, so every thing won't be completely new).

Trying to work out if it's worth doing it

(want to delay further because I can - he loves nursery still and gets lots of one on one from teachers - i get more time with him - we are going on trips - in the UK and beyond etc. don't particularly want it to stop yet.... and also, i feel at five he won't be so tired when he starts (currently knackered from nursery). he won't be behind and is already very socialised).

Advice/stories/comparisons please.

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