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Very upset 4 y.o in reception

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Mamashep Mon 19-Sep-11 14:41:50

So sorry if this has been done before, if it has, please send me to where I need to go!

My DD started school, full days last monday, went well, surprisingly so, then she was sick on day 2 so no school for 48 hours. She was fine after being sick, no further sickness. Then back to school on Friday and she has to be peeled off me, she was so upset and took a while to settle (her teacher told me at the end of the day) she was also upset at lunchtime, teachers say because it was noisey but she is used to nursery & noise.
So, new week...and she was really upset again. I was fine until I dropped off DS at nursery then in tears when nursery staff asked how I wassadsadsad
Have called the school, she is fine they say, otherwise they would have called me. Childminder collecting her tonight (and she loves the new childminder as she has a baby) have warned the childminder.
I can't stop crying as I hate to think of her being so upset, I really need to get myself together as I have to go effing shopping before I collect her but I look such a messsadsadsad
How long will this go on for, how can I bloody well pull myself together, is it too early to have some can I help DD to feel better about school.
Sorry about the length of this, almost feel better posting but another tissue n biscuit might help...HELP!

Elibean Mon 19-Sep-11 17:39:58

Poor you, its horrid when they're peeled off us in tears isn't it? I think being ill and missing a couple of days is bound to cause a bit of a set-back in terms of settling, not least because after being ill we all feel a bit vulnerable - even adults.

Then a weekend (another break)....hopefully, as the week goes on, it will get easier for her. And you.

Meantime, take all the biscuits and tissues you can get - and a few RL hugs if you can - I hope she was ok when you picked her up!

houseofboys Mon 19-Sep-11 22:12:28

Horrid isn't it - I thoroughly sympathise. I have a DS who has just gone full time today and it took ages to peel him off and still tears. At pick up teacher asked us to drop him off quicker in future blush

Trizelda Mon 19-Sep-11 22:17:42

When my daughter was going through this her reception teacher paired her up with a buddy and they went everywhere together. It wasn't a magic pill but it certainly helped. It's horrible but it will get better. Try to keep calm and consistent. Good luck.

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