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YR 2 - Materials/games to help with numeracy

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fruitcorner Sat 17-Sep-11 22:38:05

My DD has just started Year 2 ( 6) and she really seems to struggle with numeracy even very basic stuff e.g counting in tens, counting on 1 from a 2 digit number - it doesnt seem to have clicked with her yet and I would like some fun ideas to work with her on her numeracy - games or props or something. Does anyone have any ideas?

Have a look here

You can use simple games like snakes and ladders - get her to work out where she has to go by adding rather than just shuffling along. If you print off a 100 square and draw it on that she can see 10s numbers, counting on 1 etc.

Shopping role play?

Dominoes are good.

Will have a further think ...

fortifiedwithtea Sun 18-Sep-11 23:43:52

Sugar has posted a great link defo worth a read.

My SN DD is in Yr4 and very behind in maths. Last year the SEN teacher helped me help DD by getting me used to maths language - one more, one less, add on, take away, plus, minus +,-, = ,equals, makes, sum of.

School uses numicon. Cubes that are colour coded and fit together.

DD has on recently been signed off speech therapy. DD and I used to sing counting songs on the way to school. This Old Man, One Two Buckle My Shoe, 10 Green Bottles, etc.

Something else we do , is play catch and count the number of sucessful throws and catches. As soon as one of you misses, start the count again. Good for hand/eye co-ordination too.

LauraIngallsWilder Mon 19-Sep-11 00:01:15

Hi fruitcorner

Lots of Orchard Toys games are great for maths skills - We love "Pop to the shops" and "Piggy in the middle"
Try Mathsticks website for games you can print out to play together.

My dd is a year older and further behind - it doesnt bother me to much. I tell myself that she will catch up when she is ready. She is home educated and really struggles with reading and maths.
Practice and fun games is the answer I think


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