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Recommendations for religious story books for P1 (all religions please)

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inia Sat 17-Sep-11 08:53:29

As DD1 has started in P1 and some religion is on the menu (which I am fine with, this is not intended as debate) I'm after recommendations on story books that tell the classics from the bible, but also those from other religions and maybe even greek/roman/other mythology..

all I can find are encyclopaedia style books, or books ordered by belief - does anyone know of any books that just tell the stories - and most importantly, do you like the book and would recommend it?

Saracen Sat 17-Sep-11 22:04:16

1. Anything by Geraldine McCaughrean. She's a proper storyteller with the most wonderful turn of phrase. My 5yo, 11yo and I find it impossible to stop once we have begun one of her stories.

This site lists her books organised by subject matter. In addition to the collections which are specifically Roman, Greek, Biblical etc she has written collections of myths and legends drawn from many parts of the world.

(BTW if ever you are thinking of taking your little girl to see the ballet or Shakespeare, you might do worse than to read her McCaughrean's version of the story first in order to familiarise her with the plot.)

2. "Lad of the Gad", Alan Garner's retelling of British stories from the Gaelic tradition. It begs to be read aloud. Be warned that some of them are rather violent; I don't think they are aimed specifically at children. My sensitive older daughter could only listen to some of them at five, but her rather bloodthirsty little sister loves them all.

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