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Youngest starting school

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babeire Thu 15-Sep-11 10:55:12

My youngest is starting school next week and I am predictably depressed by this. Feel sick and anxious and drinking a little too much wine!!! I have predictably bought a dog (which is fab) and am considering a move to a nearby village that could offer a change of schools. Some friends tell me to follow the house of my dreams, others think I am taking on way too much change all at once and it could be because of DS starting school. Time just goes so quick once they start and I feel left behind. Advice please, does anyone else feel this way?

AMumInScotland Thu 15-Sep-11 11:23:38

Why would you want to move house and change schools when he hasn't even had a chance to start? That would be very disruptive to him, just at the point where he will be wanting to settle into his class and make friends.

I think you should focus on dealing with the current change, which you're obviously finding a struggle, rather than trying to run away from it by being busy with a possible house move.

The dog is a good plan - it gives you something else to focus on, and gets you out of the house. Think about what else you can do to stop fretting about your youngest starting school - it's a positive move in his life, not something to be depressed about.

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