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Can I extend deferral date?

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catsmeow Thu 15-Sep-11 00:29:17

I have deferred my son's place at primary school until January. The school are fine with this. However, he will not be five until April and I can now see no good reason to start school until then. I'm a stay at home parent, he has a good friend who is homeschooled so he has companionship, we are going to lots of classes (swimming, gym, drama etc), he has a part time place at nursery and we also have quite a few travel plans. So it is very unlikely he will be bored. I have no worries about him falling behind: he can do all the basics like wiping his bum, tying his shoes laces etc. He is very sociable and manages in the nursery just fine. And he can read basic words and write his name etc.

My question is this: I told the school last April I would be deferring until January. Is it too late to ask for a further deferral? Will it make any difference to them (logistically? Financially?) if I extend the deferral. And do I still have the legal right to defer until April even though it is past the start of the term (ie do I have to inform the school how long I will be deferring at the start of the year, or is it ok to do it later, like now, or even wait until after half term to make sure I am certain about the decision). Also, if the school doesn't like it and I go ahead anyway... is it worth it?


prh47bridge Thu 15-Sep-11 09:49:51

It is your decision. You can defer until April if you want.

catsmeow Thu 15-Sep-11 14:21:20

I can see the advantages of deferring. But what are the disadvantages? Anyone had a late entry into reception - e.g. changing schools - was it very hard. My son will have his best friend and cousin in the same class (BF already there) so i was hoping that would offset social groups already being formed...

prh47bridge Thu 15-Sep-11 16:24:23

As it happens my youngest son changed schools at Christmas as a result of my battle with the LA to get him into our local Primary - how I got involved in admissions in the first place. He made the change with no problems. Whether he would have found it as easy if he hadn't been attending school at all I don't know.

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