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Another reading question - KS1 what do you do in between books getting changed over?

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KittyWalker Tue 13-Sep-11 18:49:37

DS struggles with reading but he tries really hard. His book and keywords get changed once or twice a week but I'm not sure what to do in between. Once he's read a book he gets bored and doesn't want to read it over and over again. Should I buy some books to have at home to supplement the ones coming home from school? Should I approach his teacher and ask her what she suggests?

spanieleyes Tue 13-Sep-11 18:51:50

Try the library, they have plenty of books to read. Either choose a book at a similar level to the ones from school-the librarian can help-or one to read together which can be a little harder. I don't like to read a book more than twice so quite see how children don't want to either!

sugarandspiceandallthingsnice Tue 13-Sep-11 19:14:03

Could you ask to have it changed more often? I trained my year 2s to tell me when they had finished if they were frequent reader/finishers - I could then send them to change their book.
If not, could he retell the story to you? Is there a bit at the front which says what words they are practising? You could look for them in your own books?

Iamseeingstars Tue 13-Sep-11 22:33:47

Read other books, find books that interest him, topics that interest him. Librarians are great resourceful people to guide you in the right direction.

Many school books are really boring and dont motivate kids.

Use the books to search for words they are learning at school, key words etc.,
similar sounding words, similar spelt words.
Look at punctuation, full stops and capitals.
Ask him to show you where the book explains about something, ie, the ball is blue, the grass is green, the children are smiling, etc.

Use the book as a learning tool and make games. Talk about the pictures. What story are the pictures telling, will be completely different to what is written.

sleepwouldbenice Tue 13-Sep-11 23:02:14

Second the idea of the library books or comics, anything to keep the interest flowing

If the school are reluctant to change books more often due to time contstraints then maybe having more than one book "out" per week would be an option - as long as they are happy that you are not trying to do too much then cant see that this would be a problem as long as no shortage of that book level, which can happen occasionally

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