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Cumnor vs Elmhurst

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smsmpp Tue 13-Sep-11 16:05:24

any review academic wise , I heard in other forum that Elmhurst prepares more to go other idepdedant school, is this true? what does that mean? how both schools are academic wise?

Ladymuck Tue 13-Sep-11 16:16:30

Elmhurst is an 11plus school and prepares for the grammar schools as well as Whitgift and Trinity. Cumnor prepares mainly for Whitgift and Trinity at 11+ and 13+, though some boys head to grammar schools or other senior schools. That said the boys coming from Elmhurst to Cumnor (and it was always that way round!) seemed to be "behind" where the Cumnor boys were academically, and if you are only focussed on these senior schools from an academic perspective, then I would save your money - there are plenty of good state primary schools locally and in some respects these children have an advantage especially at W & T at 10 or 11. The vast majority of parents at Elmhurst and Cumnor still get their boys tutored for the 11+ entrance exams. If on the other hand you have a sporty or musical boy, then Cumnor every time. Loads of opportunities for them, as well as good staff and facilities.

smsmpp Tue 13-Sep-11 16:26:24

Oh thank you so much for your response. which state primary schools locally are good ? is it Park hill park . I think its rating is down recently so was thinking for private. I don't want my DS to get prepared for other idepedant secondary school.

Ladymuck Tue 13-Sep-11 17:45:22

The 3 Sanderstead schools are good, as is St Peters. I don't think that Park Hill has particularly gone down. Which secondary schools are you thinking of? Whitgift & Trinity? Or are you looking at state schools?

smsmpp Wed 14-Sep-11 09:42:34

How can I decide now which secondary school , my son is just 3 years old and 2 months. now. I live in Park Hill area and Junior school is gone down to 3 stars.

Ladymuck Wed 14-Sep-11 11:48:54

Sorry, I'm trying to work out what you're looking for in a school: your previous posts talk about not wanting your son to get prepared for "other independent schools". So I'm not sure which schools you are talking about. Of course you wouldn't have much idea at age 3. The majority of children at Elmhurst or Cumnor will stay in private education until 18. Regardless of which school your son goes to (Park Hill, Ridgeway, St Peters, Elmhurst or Cumnor), his options at 11 will be the same, and you will need to prepare him if you want him to go to a selective school (whether state or private) at secondary. Due to the numbers applying it is far harder to get into the state grammar schools than the private ones age 11. So whilst if you send your son to Elmhurst or Cumnor you are likely to get a place at Whitgift or Trinity, I would say that you are equally likely to do so from any of the other schools, only with a bit more tutoring.

If Ofsted ratings matter then look at Ridgeway, which is probably the only one of the Sanderstead schools that you have a chance of if you live close to Park Hill. But bear in mind that it is common for Ofsted rating to change suddenly just because of a very brief inspection. This in fact happened to Ridgeway: it has always been an "outstanding" school, and was also a beacon school for the area, then after one 1-day visit went down to satisfactory, and then came back up to outstanding on the next visit. The last ofsted inspections for Park Hill and St Peters just looked at 15 lessons, and 13 lessons respectively. Look at the feedback from parents (in the ofsted reports themselves). The parents are in fact very happy with the school and the teaching. The inspectors deemed otherwise but looking at a handful of lessons. The league tables and destinations of leavers from these schools also speak for themselves.

Otherwise have a look round both Elmhurst and Cumnor - they have open days coming up.

smsmpp Wed 14-Sep-11 13:12:45

Hey thats very very good information, thank you so much. I am totally relying on ofsted report at the moment because but you have highlighted a good point to check Parent survey. Thanks.

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