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ed psych dyslexia assesment?

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mrsbaffled Tue 13-Sep-11 12:08:52

Hello. Hopefully, DS (7) will be having his dyslexia assessment soon in school. Just wondered what sort of tests they will do with him?

kidsrockmyworld Tue 13-Sep-11 19:22:59

Hey mrsb my ds now 11 was was assessed for dyslexia a by SENCo 2 1/2 years ago,in his report had core scales of which ds was tested on recall of designs,word definitions,pattern construction,matrices,verbal similarities and quantitative reasoning.
They had a t score which was a standard score ( statistically ) and a percentile which was ds score then an evaluation is made by above average/average/below average.
Ability areas- verbal/non verbal/spatial.
General IQ.
Number skills.
Word reading.
Ds was really behind bless him his age equivalent was 5:4 years in reading/writing/spelling in both English and welsh but excelled in number skills past his years.

He is receiving all the help he requires and doing extremely well now,hope some of this makes sense and all the best for your ds.

mrsbaffled Wed 14-Sep-11 11:43:44

Thank you! That is very interesting. I am pleased they do an IQ test. My DS is very very bright and last year was they first time they had really noticed at school. The teacher freely admits that all they saw was a little boy struggling to read and write and couldn't see past that. He is also very good at Maths.

I hope the assessment is soon. It was requested in march.... :S

Glad to hear your DS is doing well x

IndigoBell Wed 14-Sep-11 12:45:49

KidsRockMyWorld - can I be nosy and ask what help your DS is receiving, and if due to the help he's receiving he's learnt to read, write and spell?

kidsrockmyworld Wed 14-Sep-11 13:54:39

At primary school he was having one 2 one reading sessions once a day only for 15 min sessions,his work was marked in context rather than spelling mistakes as was his reading because his confidence in spelling and reading was understandably low. A lady from a sen came into school every Monday to work with him for a morning. He reads/spells phonetically if he doesn't know how too spell it correctly since school introduced double writing he became better at disguising poor spelling by a squiggle !! bless :-)
Confidence was a big part with ds as getting something wrong was more devastating to him rather than giving it a go.
As he has just started high school we are yet to hear whats happening at new school,did have a meeting with high school senco along with his then senco and teacher, so they had a bit a gen about ds capabilities.
He is never made to read out loud in class or put under pressure on the spot as this reverts him to his mental block stages.
We did hearing/eye test privately as senco advised but both ok.
Praise/rewards weather wright or wrong at the moment,just a little correction if completely off the mark and plenty of patience from us all involved,as his concentration levels dive to zero when pushed too hard or worked on a certain subject or lesson for too long.
English being his worst as welsh is read/spelt/written phonetically. (Ds and dd are both in welsh schools )

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