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cutteslowe primary school

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em2011 Mon 12-Sep-11 23:29:06

Hi i have just been offered a place a cutteslowe primary school for my 4year old daughter, my first choice being wolvercote but didnt get a place. I have to say im really not impressed with the school. They had no idea she was starting were completely disorganized and left my daughter alone most of the time who has spent her time in tears over the whole experience. I have heard bad reviews about the school and the estate seems to be getting worse with more social problems. I am thinking of taking her out and home educating for a year which i know i can do as she doesnt legally have to start school until she turns 5 and trying next term for a different area. Has anyone else heard had a similar experience or heard bad reviews regarding the school?

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Saracen Mon 12-Sep-11 23:40:14

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's start at school wasn't a happy one. I can't help you with info about Cutteslowe Primary and I have no idea whether this is a typical experience there.

However, I can assure you that there is an extremely active home ed scene in the Oxford area. So if you decide that is the way to go and if you want company, you will find plenty to do!

You'd be welcome at most activities even if you are still at the stage of exploring the idea. If you would like to discuss it at length without a kid in tow, there are fortnightly parents' nights out at the pub.

em2011 Tue 13-Sep-11 11:25:19

Hi thanks for your reply very helpful and i will follow the link and look into this its something i do want to consider. Is this something you are doing aswell? Do you know how many there are on average home educate in oxford? And what the main reason is for this? Sorry for all the questions!

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Saracen Wed 14-Sep-11 23:40:59

No idea how many people there are, but it's a lot and seems to be growing rapidly. It's hard to guess at figures because there is no requirement for parents to inform anyone that they are home educating. The LA does get informed when a child is taken out of school. Two years ago, Oxfordshire County Council reported to a government reviewer that it was aware of 287 home educated children in Oxfordshire. That figure would include children who had been withdrawn from school and remained in the area, but it would miss out most children who had never been to school as well as most of those who had moved to the area while already being home educated.

Not everybody is part of an organised home ed group; some parents aren't aware of them and some don't feel the need for them. However, there are over 500 people on the local home ed email list. Anyway, my girls (aged 11 and 5) have no shortage of friends both in and out of school!

People have various reasons for home educating. According to home ed organisations, the most common reason for a child to be withdrawn from school is bullying. But I also know a number of children who simply weren't happy at school. In the last few years with the shortage of school places in the area, I think there have been more people doing home ed because they weren't happy with the school they were offered.

As for me, I just felt four was too young for my older daughter to be in formal education and so I thought I'd wait and send her at six or seven... but by the time a few years had passed, she was doing so well that there seemed no point sending her to school at all unless she wanted to go. Her little sister has special needs and I never seriously considered sending her to school because it was obviously not right for her.

Many home educating parents seem to have found the whole experience much easier and more pleasant than expected, and so we are often keen to suggest it to other people who might like to try it. It's straightforward to withdraw a child from school and also straightforward to return her to school if you decide home education isn't the right way forward. The only time I usually recommend that people should be cautious about leaving school is if they like their child's school and it is oversubscribed, in which case there is a real risk of not getting back in. But it sounds like that isn't a concern in your case.

AKmum Sat 01-Oct-11 10:24:15

My daughter is in one of the Reception classes at Cutteslowe primary and she has settled in really well. From what I can tell from talking to other parents, they have had the same experience. We're really happy with the school and the new head. If your daughter had just been given a place at the school, perhaps the school didn't know she was meant to be there because the local authority did not pass on the information...

In terms of the demographics, yes, the school does have a lot of children from the Cutteslowe estate. However, there are more and more students from outside the estate attending as well. One of the things we really like about the school is its diversity - both socioeconomic and ethnic.

If your daughter is still at the school and have any concerns about anything, why not talk to the head or the Foundation Stage coordinator?

Mangocabbage2 Thu 06-Jul-17 21:49:20

I've got 2 children at the school and have had 2 completely different experiences. My youngest started in foundation and has had lovely teachers. She also happens to be the model child (at school). My elder has being having a very difficult time. I've been to the school numerous times to talk to various teachers. He's been bullied by at least 2 children (1 of which they initially denied until the parent told me!). He's a odd ball kid but a good one. The teachers haven't taken the time to get to know and understand him. Everyone I've brought grieviences to has basically closed ranks and made out that it's mine or my child's fault for not speaking sooner. Nothing has been looked into or investigated. In fact I was offered parenting classes! My son comes back constantly telling me other kids have sworn at him and told him he's rubbish. Apparently he should just ignore them and build resilience (a word you'll hear when your in this position). They're a great school if you have no problems but if you find you do then you'll find the problem is you and yours to deal the school told me......teach him some breathing techniques for starters at bedtime.......thank you I'm overwhelmed!!!! Not.

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