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Yr3 ds brought home first reading book, why is it 4 stages backwards?

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CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 12-Sep-11 17:23:42

ds is a pretty good reader and by the end of yr 2 was on the extended readers of eg. Big cat phonics et: topaz, ruby etc

He's just started in yr 3 and brought his first reading book home today. I don't usually pay much attention to book bands but i had a look today because the book seems very easy. It is ORT stage 8, which is 4/5 stages backwards from what he was reading (well) at the end of last year?

Why would the teacher do this? Is it to ease them back into it gently? Or is it so she can make her own assessment rather than use the one given to her by the infants teachers?

2BoysTooLoud Mon 12-Sep-11 17:54:07

My ds has stopped going through the school book band/ number system for reading and can freely choose out of a couple of boxes. Some times it will be a simple chapter book he chooses/ more often non fiction. The non fiction is ORT stuff and his books can range from about stage 8 to 12 depending on what book takes his fancy. Once through the school initial reading program books, seem to become more of a 'pick and mix'. Maybe it's that?

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 12-Sep-11 18:42:30

Yes, I can understand that. But this is one the teacher gave him, she gave it to the rest of his group too.

workshy Mon 12-Sep-11 21:47:58

I have exactly the same problem

my DD was on accelerated reading last year and went to the year above for guided reading, and brought home books inline with her guided reading

she has come home with a level 9 oxford reading tree book which she read in year 1, now in year 3 and I have no idea why???

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 12-Sep-11 23:23:14

Well I've decided to see what book he brings home next time, and if I still think it's not challenging then I will ask the teacher about it.

madhattershouse Mon 12-Sep-11 23:29:41

I had an issue with son's book, several levels too high. He told me he was asked, by helper, are you a good reader? He said yes and was given a book far too hard. Are you sure it was given by the teacher?

meditrina Mon 12-Sep-11 23:41:38

Two words: summer holiday.

At a guess, DS has got out of the swing of reading in school, and won't have really shown his paces properly. Give it a couple of weeks, and he'll be demonstrably back at his previous level. If he's not rapidly back at his old level, try a note in his reading record (or whatever he has).

CocktailQueen Tue 13-Sep-11 09:51:08

No, that's bizarre. They should be on the same stage that they ended Yr 2 on - that's what my Yr 3 dd is on. Chat to the teacher!

CurlyhairedAssassin Tue 13-Sep-11 17:17:11

Medetrina, he has been reading a fair bit over the school holidays, I don't think his reading has "gone down" in any way.

Don't want to come across as too pushy, Cocktail. Well, not yet anyway. I will if I have to! teacher doesn't look very approachable so don't want to mention it till it becomes an issue. Will put brief note in his comments book i think but leave face to face chat for later.

I'll come back to this thread when i see what his next book is! Thanks for the advice.

CurlyhairedAssassin Tue 13-Sep-11 17:19:04

Mad hatter: he told me his reading group all got given a copy of that book by the teacher, yes.

Is it that the teacher wants them to look at comprehension rather than decoding? I often have to put children 'back' bands if they don't understand what they are reading (I am not saying that he doesn't but that is one explanation). Is it that teacher wants to discuss it fully in guided reading and use it as a springboard??

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