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aaarrrrgghh I could kick myself!!!

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mrsshears Sun 11-Sep-11 19:02:33

my dd who is 5 has been comfortably reading band 6/7 for a while now and left reception on this level,we have done reading chest over the holidays which dd has enjoyed.
However over the last couple of weeks dd has started messing around with her reading and imo being lazy,doing things like saying "cooked" instead of "looked" and "where" instead of "there" etc,she also frequently looses her place because of talking all the way through the book (about what is happening).I feel really really guilty as i have just really shouted at dd for doing these thingssad
I'm now wondering what effect this is going to have,i'm so cross with myselfsad angry

Portofino Sun 11-Sep-11 19:08:04

Its a new term - dont stress about it. When dd reads and gets a word wrong, or struggles, I just say the word and carry on. Its much more important at that age that she enjoys the experience.

Portofino Sun 11-Sep-11 19:09:10

Please excuse my punctuation - I am on iPad keyboard and cant find the inverted comma.

Littlefish Sun 11-Sep-11 19:33:21

Dd does this as well. I encourage her to put her finger under each word as she reads it. This seems to focus her on the words, and increases her accuracy.

Littlefish Sun 11-Sep-11 19:34:03

Porto - the inverted comma is on the second page of punctuation on the ipad.

mrsshears Sun 11-Sep-11 19:35:22

I know portofino thats what worries me,i hardly made it enjoyable tonightsad
I dont know why dd is doing it? her reading has always been really good and she hasnt made silly mistakes like this since she was about 3!(she was an early reader,mainly self taught),maybe she is just going off it?
Im really cross with myself as i've just put her off even moresad

gabid Sun 11-Sep-11 20:27:59

I seem to have a similar experience with my DS (6), just gone into Y2. DS likes to read ORT books, so we read them over the holidays (they don't have them at school). At the start of the holidays I started with Stage 7 which he read pretty fluently, then he read a couple of Stage 9 books and he coped well (needed help with the odd word or had to re-read a sentence for understanding). And then we went on a 2 week holiday to Germany. DS is bilingual and I have also started teaching him to read in German - he seemed fine with that too.

After the holidays DS found the Stage 9 book (one he had already read) difficult and frustrating and couldn't read many words. We then went on Oxford Owl and read some of the Stage 7 books, and here again, he is not as fluent and misreads simple words?

I get annoyed with him for not concentrating, but he just doesn't seem to be able to read any better anymore??

Portofino Sun 11-Sep-11 21:45:25

Honestly - don;t push it, just keep at it. Read every night, don't worry if they make mistakes. To me it is much better if it is a positive experience.

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 11-Sep-11 21:49:28

Hopefully there will be no lasting effect from you shouting at a 5 year old for being a tiny bit slapdash about her reading. But you won't make a habit of it will you?

littleducks Sun 11-Sep-11 21:53:38

Maybe take her to an optician? DD has to wear glasses for reading and writing as she is longsighted, this was picked up by her arabic teacher, neither I blush] or her school techers picked up on this. When reading in English she would not be able to identify some letters and so would guess from the context, so could read cooked as looked or similar, I didnt realise why.

mrsshears Sun 11-Sep-11 21:55:24

Tbh bibbity i was completely stupid reading with dd tonight anyway.
I was also trying to cook a sunday roast at the time and i have the 1st anniversary of a family death tomorrowsad.
I certainly wont be making a habbit of it,iam a bit confused at this sudden wierdness with her reading though,like i said earlier maybe dd is just a bit off reading at the moment.

mrsshears Sun 11-Sep-11 21:58:11

Thats interesting littleducks i may look into getting her an eye test.

HummusNKetchup Sun 11-Sep-11 21:59:09

are you me? DS1 makes exactly the same mistakes - there/where, then/when, at/that, what/that and often a/the when he's not concentrating. He is on ORT 9 and has just started Y1. I think it's because he can read so fast now, his mouth doesn't keep up with his head.

Like other posters, I recommend getting your DC to point at each word. DS1 has a tendency to skip over words otherwise.

mrsshears Sun 11-Sep-11 22:03:33

she does that too hummus!
she misses out words and also changes words or adds extra ones.

Doowrah Sun 11-Sep-11 22:10:29

Hi there in my humble opinion(teacher) it is not that your kids are making a mistake in their reading this is a common stage in reading acquisition, your children are becoming comfortable with the process of reading actual words at speed while also using their brains to understand what is being said especially in light of increasingly difficult text...reading is a very complex process, encourage accuracy of reading and praise them when they self-correct. Ask questions like Is that right? What does that say?...rather than criticising them.It's all good your kids are reading...

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