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When to start primary?

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amachori Sun 11-Sep-11 11:29:49

My dd has just turned 3, this August. This means she can start school next September. But does she have to? I know some children start a term or two later but does that depend on the school? And do you still apply at the same time as everyone else?

An0therName Sun 11-Sep-11 12:35:38

I would apply at the same time as in many areas you otherwise risk not having a place at a school you would prefer - some children do start part time - but reception is a contination of nursery -ie play based, child led do your DD go to pre-school now - and loads of there start full time and are fine - go and visit some schools and see what you think

prh47bridge Sun 11-Sep-11 14:49:02

She must start in September 2013. However, if you leave it until then she will go straight into Y1 and you will have a very limited choice of schools. You should apply as if she is going to start next September. You have the option of deferring entry until later in the year if you wish. However, as the previous poster says, if she goes to nursery she won't see much difference.

bebanjo Sun 11-Sep-11 20:50:59

Hi, She does not have to start at all, ever.
She is entitled to 15 hrs a week nursery from the age of 3. Some will tell you that they have to be full time the term after there 5th birthday, only if you want them in a particular state school at the age of 5.
Applications can vary from one la to another, contact them directly or ask your health visitor.

prh47bridge Sun 11-Sep-11 21:30:42

She has to start full time education by the start of term following her fifth birthday. Unless the OP wants to home educate that means her daughter has to start school no later than September 2013.

And the basics do not vary from one LA to another. Applications for places in Reception in September 2012 must be in by January 15th 2012. You apply to your local LA even if you want your child to attend a school in another LA. You will be able to name at least 3 preferences, possibly more. And the information in my last post also applies wherever you live in England.

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