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1st week in reception over... Let's compare stories

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MayDayChild Fri 09-Sep-11 18:41:28

so my DD loved it, no tears and very happy.
She managed her uniform herself and I'm really proud how well she has taken it.
Next week is the real test - full time.

Anecdotes I'm hmm over;
Teacher spelt lots of names incorrectly on their first week certificates
She also forgot to give out a newsletter today (other class got theirs!)
No reading book sent home which I feel a bit sad about as DD is desperate to be taught to read (won't let me though!)
Miscommunication over what time children should be there (teacher said x, school website says y)
No mention at all about PE kit!

I assume this is perfectly normal stuff and I shall ignore all the annoyances over communication etc !!

virgiltracey Fri 09-Sep-11 18:44:38

I made DS2 cry by telling him he has to try his hardest at school and felt awful sad Quote "mummy please don't be mean to me I've had the most dreadful day. Mrs X told me to cross my legs and Mrs y told me to sit up"

he is a bit of a drama queen grin

OnEdge Fri 09-Sep-11 18:48:22

Our teacher is great apart from she talks to me in exactly the same way as she talks to the kids, makes me feel 5 years old and a bit naughty.

We had a false start on Tuesday at pick up time, my daughter happened to walk past the open door and see me, grabbed her coat and bag and we headed home, then she realised shed forgotten her jumper, so ran back and then left me waiting ages. When I went back, she was back in the classroom. It hadn't finished yet, she was just being an opportunist grin

It is more daunting for me than my DD, I am the one who keeps bumbling about doing the wrong thing.

We also have no reading books, it has changed apparently.

Meglet Fri 09-Sep-11 18:48:34

Suprisingly well. No tears or fuss from DS. (Or me). He's charmed the TA and has made some new friends.

Was expecting more of a drama. I feel like a spare part in the mornings when he rushes off to his coat peg and into the classroom. I have to grab him for a goodbye kiss.

Long may it continue!

Meglet Fri 09-Sep-11 18:48:35

Suprisingly well. No tears or fuss from DS. (Or me). He's charmed the TA and has made some new friends.

Was expecting more of a drama. I feel like a spare part in the mornings when he rushes off to his coat peg and into the classroom. I have to grab him for a goodbye kiss.

Long may it continue!

MissBetsyTrotwood Fri 09-Sep-11 20:19:42

Generally really good, except DS has been put in class with the only kid he had any problems with at pre school as they think DS could 'support' hmm him. This kid totally manipulated others to try to bully DS. Mind you, DS was pretty vile to him on this kid's first day yesterday so it's six of one and half a dozen of the other...

It's a huge school. There are three classes per year. The nursery staff knew. Grr.

MayDayChild Fri 09-Sep-11 20:25:14

I know the Grrr feeling.
Add to my hmm list
The school is closed early and opened late on 20/21 Sept for 11+ exams. Yet the school havent actually informed us of this yet.
So that will be one week notice if they get around to it on Monday.

Is communication usually so dreadful in schools ?

2cats2many Fri 09-Sep-11 20:29:37

DD is loving it. Has run into the playground every morning and I've had to chase after her to get a goodbye kiss.

The teachers don't seem very keen to tell me what's been going on or how she's been doing. I'm used to day care/nursery I suppose where there is lots of two-way communication at the beginning and end of the day. However, DD has said that the teaxhers are very kind to her and have said lots of nice things and she's already saying that all of the other children in her class are her friends, so all is well. smile

twinmummy24 Fri 09-Sep-11 21:11:47

Good week had here to, twin DD's have settled really well no tears, no fuss, think that they are helping each other to settle smile

school sent home a letter today explaining PE kits, homework and reading books etc. i was a little shocked that they got homework at the end of their first week but i guess it is just getting them into the routine.

any one else get homework, we have had their first reading book sent home, a small selection of words to learn and a "draw a picture of something you did during the holiday" activity.

looking forward to next week.

Beamur Fri 09-Sep-11 21:14:30

Not a big change for us as DD was already attending the nursery at the same school and has the same room/teacher as before.
However, on the way to school on Wednesday she asked me when it was going to be summer holidays again grin

AndiMac Fri 09-Sep-11 21:30:26

It went well, better than expected. DD's best friend for the past year and half at nursery is off to one of the other village schools and I thought might really be a problem when the reality of it sunk in for DD. But although she doesn't have a best friend, she has been playing a lot with my good friend's son and also with other kids she knew from nursery. In general she was very happy but tired by today, even though they only did half days this week!

We are on ParentMail and got an email from the head on Tuesday (first day back) and another from the Reception teachers last night. I'm very pleased so much communication is done via email, as I'm a terrible one for stuffing a note into my jacket pocket and promptly forgetting about it. There were a few notices handed out, such as when PE will be, what to do with the gym kit and also their water bottles.

For me, I am ever so slightly sad as I found out a group of mums who I thought I was good friends with all went over to one of their houses on the Tuesday morning after drop-off for champagne and general sob together. Not worth worrying about, but doesn't really make me feel great about possibly being the outsider for the next 7 years in our little school. :/

What did cheer me up in a very smug mum way was seeing the teachers had a list of all the kids and how many of the alphabet sounds each child could make, something they had practised on Wednesday. I took a sneak peak at it and saw DD was one of only two who knew all 24 letters. A bit silly to feel proud about, but it did cheer me up.

mumtoone Fri 09-Sep-11 21:36:45

My DD seems to have enjoyed her first week. She's got her first bit of homework even though her brother in the Juniors has none! For those of you who are desperate for reading books you may have a bit of a wait. The teachers really do need to assess where each child is at before they dish out reading books. My DS didn't get any until the October Half Term despite knowing his phonics well. I was happy with this as I think the first half term is very much about settling into school, getting to know the teacher and other children as well as understanding the rules.

adelaofblois Sat 10-Sep-11 21:09:25

DS1 was so happy at school-full time at 4 and 4 days, but loving every moment seemingly.

We had a reading book, phonics book and some flashcards on Day one, and books changed Wed and Fri. We wrote on Tuesday and Thursday how happy he was, and got a little reply of thanks from the TA. Teacher grabbed us to explain how he was doing and coping on Friday, how she could understand him and thought his vocab ace, how he was even cutely taking a lead in routines, and that she was waiting to observe him a little more before drawing up an IEP.

The school is not one of those classed as outstanding or over which people fight, but it seemed just right when we went round, and two exceptional teachers are obviously doing everything right at this level.

And very proud of smily DS too, given five months ago nobody but the family could understand him, and that when we went to intro sessions he had to be in pull-ups! Clearly he really needed a fresh start...

UnSerpentQuiCourt Sat 10-Sep-11 21:25:51

AndiMac, DD knows no sounds and appears very content to leave it at that ...

mummynoseynora Sat 10-Sep-11 22:15:50

DD has done 2 half days so far, all fab. We are lucky as she is starting to read already at home, and the school let them take 2 books home every day - one reading scheme one to try to read themselves, and one to share (I read)... I've written in her reading book thingy after each one, but no idea if they have looked at it yet!

Haven't really spoken to the teachers yet to find out how she's getting on... no idea how I would either? seems so busy first thing and at pickup too?! confused

tallulah Sat 10-Sep-11 22:23:50

Much to our surprise DD goes in without looking back, and is happy on pick up.

But her behaviour at home has been appalling, and she has started spitting again, which I thought we'd seen the last of. I vaguely remember from my (much) older children that they do go through a naughty phase when they first start.

Anyone else?

AndiMac Sun 11-Sep-11 09:01:39

Not really trying to naughty, but a few more tantrums because she's tired. I'm steeling myself for when she starts going full-time.

UnSerpentQuiCourt, if you are interested, there's a fun website that my kids like using that helps practice letter sounds. It actually has lots of stuff on it, but we tend to do the ABC stuff. It's American, but all the letter sounds are neutral.

TheMitfordsMaid Sun 11-Sep-11 09:08:16

Reception starts tomorrow for us. DS is stupidly excited and can't wait. I didn't realise that he is staying for lunch; I thought half day meant finishing at 12!

moomaa Sun 11-Sep-11 09:15:23

Had a good week, and got quite a lot of info from DS about his day to my surprise. Seems a nice and kind place and so far interesting things to do.

Ds says that lots of the children wee in their pants and they have all had a talk about how they must tell the teacher as soon as it happens and they won't be in trouble. DS says that the teachers give them a hug and clean clothes if they do.

He seems to have played with the girls and not the boys....following in his Dad's footsteps there then grin

He did wet the bed after his first day, hasn't done that for ages, must have been extra tired.

We have had a library book home. He liked his school dinner too.

Laugs Sun 11-Sep-11 09:57:06

Thanks for posting that website AndiMac, I've just tried it with DD and it's really good.

She started on Thursday, so has only done 2 half-days so far. It seems to be going well though. She's on a real high when she leaves, but very stroppy in the afternoon. I suppose there is a lot for them to take in to begin with.

Laugs Sun 11-Sep-11 09:58:38

Oh, and DD has not had an accident at school, but after her first morning came home and had two accidents in quick succession! I think that's always her achilles heel when anything stressful happens. It's good to know she's not alone.

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