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Am I being unreasonable to be hacked off already!!

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anothabubbla Thu 08-Sep-11 12:24:29

DC started reception yesterday. School induction paperwork said Parents are welcome to stay for introduction day (half day till 12). I told DC that I would be staying while prepping for the BIG DAY. But all remaining mums (4 of us) were ushered out by teacher after about 45 mins. DC quite upset at change of plan at last minute although ok about school in general because it is step up from nursery and classmates are familiar. However it kind of gave us both an unsettled feeling about the place despite my best efforts. I told DC that teacher is like the captain of a ship and has to do what they think is best even if it is not what we want (this reprises a comedy Mum/Dad/DC moment in a rowing boat when I had to take charge!). DC's walk to school this am was quite tearful. I acknowlededged DC's feelings and all that jazz and tried all techniques to move us forward. But DC went into school with bottom lip wobbling. I felt dreadful. PS. I have MS and try my best to plan as much as possible to keep things smooth for DC despite the unpredictable nature of my condiction. DC is NOT used to random changes of plan from people in authority.

IndigoBell Thu 08-Sep-11 13:14:32

Unfortunately there will be lots of changes of plan by school. All the time.

School obv thought that the kids were settled, and it was best if you left.

YAB a bit U.

shocked2 Thu 08-Sep-11 13:25:40

I think if the paperwork said you were entitled to stay until the end of the morning then they should either have adhered to that or explained to the children why parents were leaving and done it in a way as to minimise distress. So I agree with you. The fact that your ds was a little upset this morning is probably not due only to yesterday's change of plan however but possibly to the whole big change? I'm sure he will settle in soon as having nursery friends in class really helps. Good luck.

KaFayOLay Thu 08-Sep-11 14:57:06

I had this when my youngest started last year.

They did half days and parents were allowed to show them in and settle them if they wished to.
We did 1 afternoons and then changed to 3 mornings. The teacher opened the door when we changed to mornings and said "no parents today". I looked at my little one and she said, "I'm not going in then". So, the options were for her to be dragged in by the witch teacher, or me take her in. I said to the teacher "X isn't ready to go in on her own yet" and went past her wink.
That afternoon, I explained that she was to go in on her own form now on and bless her, the next day she did just that with no tears or fuss.

I felt justified in my previous actions smile.

Marked my card with the teacher mind and we never did hit it off, thankfully she was the other class teacher, not my daughters.

anothabubbla Thu 15-Sep-11 10:58:15

Many thanks for all your comments. DC slightly less tearful every day. Hoping DC will find feet soon enough.

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