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Worried about DD1, P2, her feelings about school, reading etc, how to help her

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Cristiane Thu 08-Sep-11 12:10:50

I?m not sure whether to post this is Behaviour or here in Education, it seems to straddle both. I am sorry this is so long.

DD age 5.75 is quite flighty and temperamental however she is loving to us most of the time, is very good with younger sister and is very creative. She can fly into rages though, and even if things are nice and relaxed, she will see this and respond often with a drama, she can actually make herself cry.

I am worried about school. We are in Scotland. She has just started P2, is quite young for the year given her December birthday.

She is very reluctant to do anything. She says she hates reading, but she can read well, I think, however with her homework she will just say it?s boring, and flop around, and moan. Sometimes she will read, but do it just by singing the words or doing silly voices. She hates the repetition and says she finds it all really dull. When we do her word lists I try to make it fun but she just moans all the time saying that it?s too easy. With writing, she can?t spell yet, and will only write with her eyes closed and when I ask her to open them, she just complains and refuses to write anything.

I think there are five reading groups and she is in the second. The teacher says she can obviously read well but she needs so much encouragement and pushing to actually DO anything. Apparently she can just sit there and not do anything, and will make up reasons why she is doing it.

She is far ahead of the rest of the class in maths, she ?gets it? very quickly and when I asked her yesterday, she said when she does it in class, she writes the numbers with her eyes closed. I think she thinks this makes it more fun, however it must be frustrating as it?s much slower.

At home I read stories to her every night, normally this is a lovely time. and she has CDs too like Roald Dahl and Just William stories that she enjoys.

However, I can?t bear the tears about going to school, and the tantrums about EVERYTHING, getting dressed, turning tv off, going out, coming back? I am worried about her ability to form friendships at school because she often plays on her own, however she sometimes plays with other girls. She prefers it if it?s her game though, obviously. And I think in a class of 30 she is going to be annoying and frustrating for a teacher to deal with.

Please what do I do? I know she is very creative, she draws and makes up stories and makes things and invents things all the time and has a very questioning mind that can blow me away (?why do we exist??, using magnets to create crowns and jewellery, making lift-the-flap books, and some lovely art). She loves listening to music. She had a few piano lessons and the teacher thought she would be great, but DD1 started refusing to play anything prescribed and would only ?compose?. Then she just refused to go.

I don?t know how to let her creative juices flow whilst keeping her feet on the ground and her realising she has to do some of the ?boring? stuff, like reading and writing, and that she will find it enjoyable if she just gets on with it.

I am sorry this is so long. I would love any advice.

IndigoBell Thu 08-Sep-11 16:08:53

I think I'd go in and talk to the teacher and see what she thinks.

Cristiane Fri 09-Sep-11 08:34:21

I will do but I wanted to know how to approach it really, whether my daught'er's behaviour is something other parents on here recognise?

IndigoBell Fri 09-Sep-11 09:18:49

It could be anything or nothing. Could be she's very bright. Could be she has SN. Could be she's bored. Could be she's seeking attention.

I really think you need to talk to people you trust in RL who know her.

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