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having operation during school time

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griffalo2 Thu 08-Sep-11 09:24:33

Ds is due to have hydrocele operation in just over a weeks time,what do I say to school?
Consultant said he will need a week to two weeks off school after,do I ask for work to take home? I really dont want him falling behind,but I dont want to 'bother' the teacher.
Do I tell teacher details of op? Eg. What hes having done.


BikeRunSki Thu 08-Sep-11 09:27:06

Tell school he needs surgery, it is not that unusual!
When I had my tonsils out, I was off school for about 4 weeks, and the teachers gave me loads of work to do!

TheProvincialLady Thu 08-Sep-11 09:32:02

DS is off school now after having his tonsils out. You just tell the school and give them an idea of when they will be back. No way could DS be doing school work at the moment as he is still in a lot of pain, so some falling behind may be necessary. A lot will depend on his age - if your DS is 6 I don't think you need worry about work being sent home, just read with him etc when he is up to it, but if he is starting GCSEs you will want to make sure he keeps up. Ask the teacher what she thinks.

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